Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Merry X'mas and Happy New Year

i hardly online lately. very seldom check blogs and mails. getting lazy to turn on internet. because hor.... my laptop got into a serious problem two weeks ago. after many attempts of resuscitation, it was pronounced death with the cause of 'hard disk' failure. poor thing...

i got a massive change, a brand-new HARD-disk to it.

ta dah!!!
a relatively new laptop with extended live...
the best Christmas give, very happy now leh!

to all, looking forward to brand-new 2009!!!
Happy New Year... (booom!)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

I want to get rich!

here, let me tell a story...

long long time ago, a rich man gave a cow to a poor man for helping this poor guy. this poor guy became so motivated and started to work harder. however the guy still need money, get to feed himself. in the end he sold off the cow for a few goats. he ate one goat, and the rest of the goats were spared to produce milk. sadly, the goats couldn't produce milk, and his life was getting tougher. this poor guy sold the goats, then bought some chicken, thought to have chicken eggs. his life did not change, at last he killed the chicken one by one for feeding himself. he became devastated and totally demotivated. everything back to square one....

why does the poor guy remains poor forever, and the rich guy can keep on getting prosperous?

from an expert, the rich guy can get success because: when they face problem(s), no money, they will not utilize their saving or other investment amount. the pressure will encourage them to get more ideas for earning more money, to solve the problems. this is the correct character.

this character will determine success.
rich guy will get richer.

true, isn't it?

Friday, December 12, 2008

Something fun...

hah! i got this application from internet. quite fun, and it will update itself.

Lilypie Expecting a baby Ticker

no need to look at the calender anymore, i know the gestational age.
coooool man!

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Doctor's life - bitter then sweet

after completing my secondary education, i seriously asked myself for my own future. judging from my ability and capability, plus my limited interest, i decided to join medical. don't ask why i joined medical, the reason i already mentioned in previous post - "Because I'm a doctor".

then many years of hard work, i enter a new chapter in my life. a working life, reality scenario of handling real people with real situation. freaking out, honestly this was my first reaction. it was totally a different life from previous. whatever i said, it will be followed by action. unlike testing 1, 2, 3. the patients are no more guinea pigs, or simulated ones.

houseman, i completed my first year of work in the three postings. explaining my job scope, a houseman is just a cheap all-in labour. houseman is the lowest rank in the constitution, a.k.a. in the hospital. just have to work and work, no argue following all instructions. there is no right or wrong, still houseman is always wrong. real bitter life, but it is the time to restructure a doctor to get mature. tough, yes it was. but i went through it.

medical officer, it is time to have fun. no more like a houseman, as a MO (for medical officer) many things are just give orders and the 'orang bawahan' (the houseman, or nurses) will do it. all in sudden, i feel like having too many free time at work. feeling less stress at work, less problem at solving situation, more mature in handling cases.

this is the path, we all have to go through the bitter part first then only can taste the sweetiness. at this point, ones only able to differentiate the sweetiness from the bitter taste. some always like to compare with their old-time story, mentioning last time they were this and that unlike people now. blah, blah, blah... but, the truth is all of us (the doctors) have went through this. regardless how old-time it was, everyone had their houseman era.

so why are they complaining now for the tough life in housemanship?
housemanship is just a waste-of-time, purposelessly setting up to cause more harm to those newly-joint 'virgin' doctors?
THE primary factor to cause more and more doctors from suffering mental disorder?

what i feel is, the doctors nowadays are more immature and fragile. there have not prepared to handle the duty as doctors, yet. many of them have the false hope, illusion about the doctor's life. from the dramas like 'House', 'Grey's anatomy', many have this westernised way of thinking.
no, we don't have such privilege to work in those countries. over here, it is normal to sacrifice endless hours for work. everyday, seven days a week. it is definitely not a nine-to-five work. further more it is much fortunate now, as many new doctors in the service. it is very unlikely to see a situation where not enough houseman in the hospital. overflow with houseman, yes always.

who should complain first? salute to those old-time doctors, they had gone through with no complain. tirelessly sacrificing themselves to all. it is a lesson for all of us to learn, no doubt.

from the anatomy of human tongue, we get the sweet sensation first at the tip and bitter at last. in real life story, it is another way round. we should get the bitter part first, then only enjoy the sweet part.

how fun it is now...

Thursday, December 04, 2008

GPS - 'Gila Punya Sistem'

recently i got a chance to sit in a car fitted with a GPS (global positioning system). fouyooh! that machine will show all the road in the map, and also show the way to the directed destination with voice.

"100 metres more, turn left."

alamak, very very 'song' leh!!! myself, a 'kampung' boy got so excited inside there. amazed with the machine. and my friend also so 'song' to show that thing. hey, it has the alarm system too, to alarm the driver if there is a speed trap.

so my friend wanted to go to a bank. he inserted the destination, and let the machine to show the direction. turning left, turning right. then many many turning... eh, the map was showing the destination. but there is no such bank over there...

still, my friend was not giving up. trusting the machine, followed the direction again. after awhile, still meeting the same place, and there is no such bank over there.

he got fed up, got down the car, then he asked the local people.

aiseh man... the bank is located another roll of shop lot. and it is not in the map. GPS - 'Gila Punya Sistem', fooling us everywhere. in the end, we still need to ask people, rely on the HUMAN GPS. and it is free of charge some more...

the human GPS, although it is not always trustworthy (somehow they will point to other wrong direction too) but it will be always there. just ask only...

just ask it!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008


for some reasons, i stopped browsing internet recently. cut short the time on the computer. less active on updating the blog.

and use the time for something else...

shopping... now is the year-end-sale, my shopping spree for the raya clothes and baby stuffs.
working... hai, im still working in this lousy, and out-of-nowhere 'kampung' hospital. workload remains the same, and im as if jobless everyday.
'lepak'ing... this is what i like to do, always!


Thursday, November 27, 2008

Yoga - okay or not?

first of all, im not fancy about yoga. neither learning it, nor have any interest to it. flipping over the recent newspapers, i got a shock to knowing that this yoga is 'haram' in the Islamic fatwa. yoga is linked to the Hinduism, about chanting or praying which is prohibited in the Islamic study.

ehh... what about other exercises?
Taekwondo is linking to Korean's religion?
Taichi is sort of praying to the Chinese's religion?
Kungfu is about Buddhism?
then, aerobics is linked to the Western religion?

so, all these exercises are 'haram'? and later on all other actions will be linking to the religion, and so be it.

what is the moral of the story?
religion is an independent issue, and should not mix with all sort of other factors. why not just stay in a perfect harmony state, instead to stir some turbulence in the calm situation.


Monday, November 10, 2008

Just a picture...

i took this at 'Telaga Tujuh' waterfall, Langkawi recently.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

20mm, f11 at 1/8secs, manual mode.
just to share...

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Future daddy

after knowing Mrs Bolehman is pregnant, i have been very busy searching information and preparing be a FATHER myself. here and there, all from the internet and reading materials... hours of reading from books and magazines, days and nights of searching in the world wide web...

peeping to the babies' corner in the shopping centres, going into the baby shops whenever we encounter one. comparing the product A and product B, before deciding which one to get...

finally, i starting getting stuffs for our baby.

what i have now?
i got a milk bottle sterilizer, from Philips Avent. till now, i only get to know about this product does exist for so long. it is an automatic boiler which 'cook' the bottles for exactly 8 minutes and shuts off itself. so amazing right!
i got milk bottles from Avent too. few of 3 oz bottles (suitable for newborn stage), few of 9 oz bottles (when the baby is a little bit older), and 11 oz bottle for much older baby. at least, i have a full set of them.
i bought a few sets of baby clothes, mittens and booties and baby cap. baby towels, handkerchiefs, 'kain lampin' - all these i have already.
so kiasu, i even bought the diaper already. cheap mah! there are sales in supermarket now...
i got a baby nail clipper too. so small and cute. it cost me RM30! WAH LAU! so expensive right, bloody 'mahal' lorrrr...

subconsciously, i already got many other things...


back to conscious, i have had spent a lot on baby's stuffs...
and the ball is continue rolling!!!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

A baby boy

yes, Mrs Bolehman is pregnant!!!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

what is that?
the pointer is showing the baby's penis, what a cute one!

the Cow daddy and Cow mummy are expecting our first product, a baby boy next year. a 'COW' boy, in the Chinese zodiac. he will be chasing those in red, HAHAHA!!!
don't play play...

itu lembu mari liao!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Langkawi trip: Part IV

aiyak, i have forgotten for my Langkawi story already. was in busy mood lately, many things to do, as usual...

after the Jetty Point, and snapping the Langkawi's favourite 'Helang', we went to the Bird Paradise a.k.a. Wildlife Sanctuary. it is located somewhere up north, about 20 minute drive form Kuah town. without the GPS device, it is quite hard to get along with even this small island's road system. turn left the right, then don't know where... but i got a special GPS, a policeman to direct me the right way.

ten, ten, teng...
we finally got to the destination.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

this lousy building is sitting in the middle of nowhere... beside the main road, but ancient forest surrounding it. so kesian lah!
heck! i already bought the entrance tickets, in cheap cheap price, from MATTA fair previously. so, kena masuk jugak lah.

the beautiful parrots welcome us.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Mrs Boleh-man quickly opened the 'kacang' and fed them. so funny, she was so scared of the birds. or maybe the parrots scared of her too... hehe!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

nothing much to see inside, and it is so weird that middle of the path we have to and forced to enter a jewellery and precious stone store. eh! any connection of the stones and rocks to the birdies... i find it no connection lorrr!!!
so fast, we reached to the last pit stop, meet the peacocks.

then my wife complaint too tired, and i was forced to go back to hotel... before go back, i saw these handicraft at the entrance...

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

beautiful giraffes...

at dinner time, we decided to eat something else than Chinese food. we found a thai restaurant along the Chenang beach, Rose Tea 2 restaurant. i wonder why it is II, and there must be Rose Tea I at some where else. make sense?

we ordered three dishes, with an appetizer of French fries...
yummy yummyyy... when i realised to take picture, we have had finished all.

we had veggies' TomYam pot...

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

this was supposed Chicken in Black pepper source!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

last one, we had the squid in thai source.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

so sorry, nothing left than the remnant of veggie and its source. anyway, it is a new way of food presentation, to show the outcome of the food. is it delicious, i think you should get the answer from the plates...

After the good dinner, we finally headed back to our nearby hotel and called it a day.

FINAL INSTALMENT: Underwater World, Seven Wells ('Telaga Tujuh") waterfall

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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Men's toilet

i have questions...

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

as guys, how do you find it when you have a female inside the men's toilet?

i know, i know... many people have had discussed about this. old topic. but then, it shouldn't happen in a well-known shopping mall here. and yet, no action has been taken.

just wondering,
if you were just happened to be here, and really need to release your urinary bladder's load.

will you pee over the urinal bowls, or you will go into the cubicles?
or you will just go to other toilet?
or you will politely ask the female worker to get out?

what if,
there is male worker inside the female toilet?
alamak, big trouble liao lorrr!!! WOAHAHAHA!

by the way, please leave your comment or input...
ten kew, kam siah manyak-manyak...

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Patients today...

i met one of my patients in the clinic. i got almost fainted after i saw his lipid profile, wah! the cholesterol level was very very high leh. flipping over his medications record, there was a lipid reduction medication on board. aiya...

"uncle, apa macam? taking your medications or not?"
the patient was so happily and answered, "ya, i took all the medications but not the cholesterol one. bad one, of course i stopped it"

eh, question marks in my mind...
"why leh?"

"why didn't you tell me the lipid lowering medications will cause the liver dysfunction. so scared and i have to stop taking it." then he mentioned all of these he got it from internet. he did a lot of studies and research about all his medications.

aiyooo! it is so hard to take care for the New-Age people. unlike old times, all patients will just follow all the instructions from the doctors. either they really trust the doctors full-heartedly, or they are just obedient. no way now! the patients will find everything from here and there from various sources, 'teaching' doctors back with his 'knowledge'. if started one treatment, the next day they will question you back for other options. think about it, how did the old-time doctors response if they met this situation now?

lucky enough, i'm not so dumb onto internet. searching here and there, to find the answers from the patients. and show the reliable sites for them as proper channels to get guidance.

for this patient, i got to explain to him the pro and con of taking the lipid lowering drugs, showed him a few web sites of good studies, and justified the proper usage of the medication. yes, he got convinced...

so hard! to handle the New-Age patients...
even harder, to make myself New-Age!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Doctor, BP is dropping...

whenever oncall or in the ICU (intensive care unit), many times that will encounter situation like this. out of no where, one of the nurses will shout for help.

"doctor, this patient's blood pressure is dropping!"

not enough, she will continue with:
"now is 70/30mmHg!"

somemore, "patient is asystole now!"

you are so busy attending other patients, trying to sort out other patients' problems. one patient here needs your help, there another patient collapses. no way, absolutely impossible for you split into two. like the monkey God, multiply itself. before the patient collapses, i will be the one fall down first. hah!

poor me, have to prioritise the patients. need to attend the most urgent ones first, then other. what to do? i will be running here and there, like a man got mad... ordering staffs to carry out plans, evaluating patient's response, and pray hard for something. going on and on...

life is so stressful...

this is how when the event comes! how fun to overcome with the stress, seeing patients recover from what you have done to them. sad, to see them expire after you have done the best.

one thing, I ain't God.
but, i can help all.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

"Wait, I need to ask my wife."

many times, at many occasions, whenever come across a question i like to say: "wait, I need to ask my wife first". it becomes automated, a habit to react.

when i was still single, i have a few friends who are already married. i feel its weird and irritating whenever they answered this. like, getting out for a gathering, for a trip or even buying things, common excuse is to ask wife first. i couldn't understand, how can't a married guy to make his own decision. why so difficult? young, and single mah... i was.

but now.
i have no problem to say this. anything comes to me, which need a decision, i need to ask my wife. simple... to get myself a shirt or anything, ask my wife. to have makan-makan or gathering with friends, ask my wife. ehh, not that my wife is a dictator. it is just, hmmm... easier to have a mutual decision.

it needs time to understand this. married life versus being single, nobody can imagine it.

so, why do i need to ask my wife too? first of all, it is just the best excuse to say no, sometimes. once you mention this, no one will argue with you. using my wife as an excuse is just brilliant, isn't it? of course, as a married couple we should respect to each other. for guys, by asking wives first will definitely cause less friction, or problem later. the girl happy, then everyone also happy lor...

the moral of the story,
"Wait, I really need to ask my wife first!"


Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Selamat Hari Raya!

to all Malaysians,


drive slowly, less accident...
eat slowly and healthier, less uncontrolled hypertensive or diabetic episode post-Raya...
pay more attention to the elders, but not to be paranoid and sending all of them to hospital.
avoid those youngsters for playing bomb, or fire crackers. else some one may get hurt, and loosing their fingers...
take a good rest...

after Raya, it will be the same old day again...


Monday, September 29, 2008

You must think positive!

few days ago, i came across an interesting book - The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. i was waiting for my wife for lunch, and she was busy with her work. so i got to spend some time inside the book store and find something to read. i heard about this book from many people with good reviews, recommendations.

aiyak, i grabbed one copy, and started reading over there.
ehh... quite interesting leh. and few hours later, i finished that book. that time, instead of lunch, my wife came late and so be it. we had high tea!

suddenly, i start to think more positive. ehh, i have been telling a lot about negative things to patients. the car story related to the human ageing factor, and the complications, bad things will happen with chronic diseases. all these are bringing negative thoughts to the patients.

start thinking again...

i must alter or rephrase what i say to my patients.
i added a few sentences of positive factor.

for the pain and ageing problem, i will say:
"pain will go away. you can still do your daily activities as you are still able to, think positive. you must start walking and let the aids far away from you. with addition of the medications, it will help to reduce further. most important, your spirit must be strong, you can do it!"

for the chronic diseases' complications, i will say:
"you must think positive. everyone deserves to live free from pain, same to you. you must start living healthier, eat healthier, and practising healthy social life style. with the medications, it will definitely help you more. by taking the pills appropriately, and accordingly, it will give you good control over the disease."

i think, after this counselling the patient should be motivated with the right attitude. the different from the statements is - i try not to mention NO, DON'T, or things to cause negative thoughts.

You must think positive!
and take the medications too.

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Sunday, September 28, 2008

"Because I'm a doctor"

after i came back from holiday, i was put on duty for on-call almost every day. in total i did 6 calls in 9 days. partly to cover some of my colleagues who took emergency leave, and we are really experiencing shortage of medical officer. what to do? clench my teeth, no complaining, and finished all the calls. then my wife was unhappy with it. she was asking why did i sacrifice first and make my life so terrible...

i have no idea how to answer her... back of my mind, i'm thinking why do i want to be a doctor.

long long time ago, when i was a first year student in medical college. all the students were asked why do we choose to be a doctor. everyone was so eager to answer it. then my Professor was laughing to all the answer...

some answered, to save people's life. some how instead of saving, we actually do more harm to patients, like giving the antibiotics that causing allergic reaction. then some one said, to earn more money. ehhh, pardon me. am i wrong in first place? actually the salary for a government-practised doctor is just about RM2000++, even lesser than a secondary school teacher. what ashamed!

me, i got up and answered: "if you ask me to be a sportsman, i can't run or swim. i can't stand long period under the hot sun for being an engineer. i don't have the talent to talk, or argue with people to be a lawyer. i have no interest over the computer. so, i think i can just be a doctor, because i have no other choice."
then, the Professor just smiled at me and nodding his head...

now, i have the answer to my wife...
"because i have no other choice, I'm a doctor. and it is my duty."

Friday, September 26, 2008

Langkawi trip: Part III

so, after not doing much on the first day, we decided to go 'jalan-jalan' on the next day. this was the first time my wife came to Langkawi. me, i came here with my family long long time ago. there was nothing here that time, neither 'Helang' statue, underwater world nor Mahathir's bakery shop. after taking breakfast in the hotel, we droved to the jetty point at Kuah town with the 'heavy' Kancil.

our first stop, the Jetty Point.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

there, we can get Baskin Robins' aircream shop, KFC, Kenny Roger and Starbucks. there is a duty-free shop inside, but i find things are a little bit more expensive inside. nothing much to eat, we had KFC instead.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

not so far from the jetty, the majestic 'Helang' is just there. walking distance only, but under the hot sun. my wife was so unhappy when i said "lets go there...". crazy ahhh, so hot!!! in the end, i went there alone...

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

i have to cross the "love" bridge, about 5 minutes walk to the damn thing. on the way, i saw this church-like building. not one, but two similar buildings there.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

i was wondering how come? two churches in the middle of town, new thing for me. so i peep inside...

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

alah... it's nothing inside! kena tipu pulak...

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

there are a few Malay stalls around the buildings. i think these are built like Central Market, in KL, to set up stalls for handicrafts. but a 'white-elephant' project, the facility is abandoned.

then, i reached to see this 'Helang'...

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

so huge! and so many people there. mostly i think people from China, some domestic ones, and me there. aiyaaa, how can i miss to take picture of this 'Helang' here, if im in Langkawi...
fighting for space, trying to get best angle of it.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

but then, i saw this 'macha'.
macho man!!!

"hey, you are blocking my view!!!"

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

before we left the Jetty Point, my wife managed to get some handicrafts for herself. amazing shopper leh... but nothing for me!

(NEXT: Bird Paradise, Thai food)

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Fuel prices down by 10 sen

after so long, finally we have the answer...
effective from tomorrow (Thursday), fuel prices down by 10 sen per litre.

10 sen only!

with this 10 sen reduction per liter to petrol and diesel, it should be a good and joyful news to everyone in this country. everyone is expecting this news. from a simple calculation, a 40 liter tank saves RM4 each time to a full tank. if one needs to pump once in every week, total of RM16 only is saved in a month.
what can the RM16 do?

after cracking my head with this calculation, in the end it does not bring any drastic or effective benefits to me! all prices have gone up after the petrol hike on June. then the government decided to reduce it to 15 sen last month, and 10 sen reduction now, but the effect from the last hike stays. this does not apply to the Newton's law, "what goes up, will come down eventually". as for law of economy, whatever goes up will never come down!

10 sen. what the crap!?

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Langkawi trip: Part II

it was really tiring on the first day itself. we were so lazy to jalan-jalan around. it must be the early flight, how come i was so 'kiasu' booked the earliest flight after all... slap my own face!

after a got up from sleep, it was already dinner time. for the whole day, both of us only had 1 packet of "Nasi Lemak" during the flight (heh, i pre-booked it leh!), the a set of value-meal McDonald's burger. that's it. for sure, our stomachs were singing for HELP...

driving our dumbass little "Kancil" around, we found this place...

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

a seafood restaurant, located along the Chenang beach. for sure, one will hardly miss this place as it was fully lit up at night. very outstanding among the rest lor. the atmosphere of Orkid Ria is very nice, and romantic... all the dead fish and other seafood are displayed at the entrance. that time, there were a lot of "ang mo" (foreigners) drinking beers, enjoying the seafood.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

both of us ordered a grilled fish, i think we chose the seabass, hotplate taufu and egg.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

nah, Mrs Boleh-man is allergic to prawn and prawn-like products.
fuiyooo, big save to my wallet.

we were so hungry, i was totally forgotten to take photos of the dishes. makan saja... when i realised, food all gone. nevermind lah...

bill, it cost me total of RM50 plus. not cheap... and nothing is cheap over there, except alcohol, alcohol, again alcohol, and cigarettes. i really have to stress this, the alcohol is dirt cheap over here! certainly, we were enjoying the dinner.
a friendly reminder, never order hotplate taufu here anymore. because it taste sucks!!!

after that, we ZZZzzzzz.... again.

(NEXT: Kuah town, the famous "Helang"!)

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Monday, September 22, 2008

What is love?

my dear friends,

have you really thought about it?
what is love actually?

it give people power to live... having the adrenaline-rush to accomplish something impossible previously... feeling good and pleasurable, like after taking a shot of heroin (but, i have not try this)... feeling satisfied, especially during and after having it...

not a simple definition from a dictionary, but deep down to everyone's soul.

love does not means forever...
no black-and-white promises for the future...
it can be just end there and then, like one-night-stand kind of thing.

found it, but let it go after that for certain reasons.
got it, seal it, then preserve it ever after...

the question is:
Have you found your LOVE?

as for me,
yes i do. i found mine!


Sunday, September 21, 2008

Langkawi trip: Part 1

here come our holiday trip...
since our flight was at 810am in the morning, Mrs Bolehman and I got to get up super early. kalam-kabut preparing our self. then my father-in-law fetched us to the airport, the LCCT. at 630am, we were already there liao. i thought at this economy down-turn with the unstable political situation, should have less people traveling now. but then, hah to my surprise so many people out there!

after checking in our only one luggage, we walked around the LCCT and wait for the flight. now hor, the "Now everyone can fly" company is charging RM10 for each luggage. aiyo, crap lar....!!!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

the flight departed sharp at 810am. it should be the first time so far, the flight was on time. as usual, AirAsia picks the best pilots and the journey went smoothly. and it took only 45 minutes to Langkawi. so damn fast leh!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

alamak! too early pulak already reached to Langkawi. so we have to wait for the car agent to bring our rented car. actually i already made the booking during the Matta fair, a 'kancil' at RM50 a day. should be a good deal, as there is no extra charge for extra hours because we will be in the island for around 60 hours. we were only charged for 48 hours / 2 days charges only. ok lar...
so, we were just loitering at the airport for 1 hour. while waiting and waiting.... i did this...

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

finally... the Si-Langkawi car agent came.
Nah... my dumbass Kancil for 3 days! and i paid RM150, included deposit of RM50.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

got the key.
jumped into the car, adjusted the seat, buckled the seat belt, started the lousy engine, then i got shocked! the powerless steering was so heavy to manipulate. sweating leh... trust me, it was like driving a lorry, especially taking a U-turning. eh! don't laugh...

on the road first thing i saw, i got this friendly reminder to the visitor...

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

but how come not in Bahasa Malaysia also??? only English-reading people throw rubbish meh???

i drove to the nearest petrol station and pumped in RM20 worth of petrol. by then, it was already lunch hour. we ended taking McDonald as our first meal in Langkawi, no idea where else can get food.
then we got to our hotel which i booked one week ago.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Holiday Villa is located further south of Pantai Chenang. at the first glance, it looks so isolated... a 3-storey building, with oldie look...

anyhow, it cost me RM195 net per night only. ok lar...

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

some more, our room was automatically upgraded to premium deluxe type from only deluxe. i was told it was a courtesy from the hotel... ceh! low season, many empty room mah.
so we got a bigger room.

then, we slept... very tired leh!

NEXT: first dinner...

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

I'm back!

so nice...

i'm back to work, today.
after a short holiday, an escape to Langkawi.
still fresh from holiday mood.
with little bit of post-holiday blues..

now, back to my duty.
coming next, Langkawi's pictures...

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Ready.... Go!

my bags are packed.
accommodation booked.
transportation settled.
money, got.

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everything ready.
now, waiting for tomorrow...

Langkawi, we are coming liao!!!

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Friday, September 12, 2008

What i say to my patients?

many times, the patients like to ask a lot of questions especially in the clinic. with the huge patient load, many patients are still waiting their turn, as the doctor is trying to finish the load. still, the doctor needs to convey the message to the patients appropriately.

because the clinic patients are almost similar, in terms of diseases. most of the time they will ask the similar questions. after awhile, you will have a set of answers to them.

there are many of the patients having chronic diseases, suffering long-term of pain, here and there, almost all over the body. it is more pronounce to the elderly patients. pain is really distressing. most, they will complaint of knee pain, back pain, shoulder pain, then pain everywhere.

here come...

"it is like driving a car. when it is new, you can just press the pedal and accelerate to more than 100km/h, and the car is still steady. after 5 years or so, problems come and it needs some fixing. then 10-15 years later, more problems will arise. it requires major make-over, or that will be time to change a new one. for human, when ageing comes, most of the body parts are giving problems. but for us, we can't change the body."
by this time, the patient will show you sad face...

"we will give you some medications, to ease your pain. as i said, due to the ageing process, the pain might not be completely erase off. but it will reduce it."
that's it.

many more are having diseases like, hypertension or diabetes. here, unfortunately many of them just poorly or worst absolutely not controlled. if lucky enough, you may get some patients who are just starting to have some symptoms. some, all the bad complications are already set in. the blood results are just... amazing!

i frequently tell them:
"this are the chronic diseases. you don't feel it, but you are still having it for long long time. so you must take the medications, accordingly. if not, you will suffer problems like kidney failure then you need to go for dialysis or renal transplant, loss of sensation over your limbs and risk of cutting off later, gradually blurring of vision then blind, risk of heart attack and stroke in long term."

WAH! most of the patients will just starring to you now, with jaw dropped.
after scare them with the problems...

"but with good control of the diseases, you may enjoy a longer period of pain-free. you can do, eat and go anywhere you like to. these will defer the complications to set in, again defer to later days."

it sounds more relieving now. the patients will just smile to you, with hope that they understood you just said.

all my patients, i will definitely end with this:
"no matter what, i will do what i can do, the best for you!"
very political statement.

you happy, i also happy.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Penumpang, Pendatang, Penduduk.

are we, Chinese as 'penumpang', so-called parasite or squater in this country?

come... we should have a thorough consideration about this remark, as like a snow ball, it has been the latest political issue in this country. rolling and 'goreng' till very very big now. each community is pointing fingers to opposite, both pro-government parties and anti-government parties are joining the race too.

oh boy... i could not understand how is this going to end. the deputy head already addressed apologetic statement on behalf of the person who started the game, yet this one still pointing and blaming to the community, then to the newspaper...

should the newspaper apologize to the public, as raising this sensitive issue?
should one of the component parties quit the government alliance, as the party's head started this issue?
should another people apologized on behalf, than him doing so?
should he just keep quiet, and off else where he goes?

it is a sensitive racial issue.
like in Chinese proverbs, water from river should not mix with well water. harmony should be formed from intense understanding of each other, rather than asking other races not to 'touch' them, but ones can put on fire to others.
eh, do you get what i mean ah?

one thing for sure, i am the citizen of this country.
i am not a 'penumpang', nor 'pendatang' (migrant)!


for more info:
read this (in chinese)

Monday, September 08, 2008


to my brother and sister-in-law, congratulation...
for being a proud parents, again!


a healthy baby boy is born at 8.59am today.
a new little one in family...
a fresh chapter of life...

sounds good.
and i will see this little one, soon.
very soon!


Saturday, September 06, 2008

holiday... villa

oh boy... i went to MATTA fair today.

my mission, to get my accommodation and other information about my up-coming Langkawi trip. so i reached there at around 10am, as i also 'kiasu' maa. but hor, there were a lot 'kiasu' people like me...
so many people.

especially at the Hall 1, which consist about domestic tourist spots, were sardin-packed with people. maybe due to the economy downturn, still everyone wants to holiday.

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the travelling agents were so busy distributing the pamphlets. in the end, i collected some useful ones, and a lot more junk of papers.

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then... i got the vouchers of Langkawi's Holiday Villa Beach Resort for RM195 only each night, the discounted entrance tickets for the Underwater world and Bird Park. i save at least hundred plus for my hotel package... HAHAHAH!!!
not forgetting, i got a night stay at Bali Holiday Villa Resort for FREE, from a lucky draw (actually from spinning the wheel, wheel of lucky!) syiok nyer...

Langkawi, we are coming... next week!
Bali, next time lah!


Friday, September 05, 2008

here, there...

i was really busy last week.
really one leh!!!

after came back from Ipoh, i went to Sintok, Kedah on Thursday.

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this time, i got a last minute announcement. i was informed to attend my final Induksi test (related topic: Nov 2007) at the University Utara Malaysia, UUM.
sad thing, i got to drive myself. total of 900 plus kilometres for a return trip.

adoh hai...

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i joined a group of doctors and related health professionals for the finale exam. there were only few of us, like my case, joining only the exam. most of them were already there for almost 2 weeks.

but hor, their accommodation, and food are much better than mine last time. i stayed at the EDC (a hotel, i don't know what it represent?) in the UUM for a night. after all, i got to know this hotel is used to accommodate the visiting lecturers and holding courses from government sectors like this induksi.

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after the exam, how can i miss the chance to go around the campus. but i didn't manage to get inside leh. so sien...

then hor...
on sunday pulak, i went back to Taiping, Perak. a day trip, to help my brother. he just opened a sport related shop at the newest shopping mall in town, Taiping Sentral. small business, and test water only...

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mari, mari, mari.... buy from me, and i will give you special price!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008


so fast.

already SEPTEMBER!!!


any big plan(s) for this month?
i'm going to Langkawi somewhere this month, with Mrs Bolehman.
visiting my sister in-law somewhere end of the month, for her upcoming second baby.
going to KL on every weekends.

puasa, (fasting for muslims) and i'm going to enjoy the Rahmadan delicacies...
yummy yummy...
my saliva is drooling now...

by the way, i noticed the crude oil price has dropped to USD105 today.

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so, we can expect lower petrol price here if the price maintain. pray hard the typhoon does not hitting the Mexico badly.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

now MP...

yes, we have a new Member of Parliament.


yes, he is Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.
now, DSAI already a MP of Permatang Pauh. the second round of political tsunami is coming. the 16th September is just near around the corner.

we all, the country need a big change...

for him - now MP, very soon jadi PM!

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Monday, August 25, 2008

where did i go for the past 4 days?

i went to Ipoh.

i attended a course, Malaysia Trauma Life Support (MTLS), which was organised by the Department of Emergency, Hospital Raja Permaisuri Bainun a.k.a Ipoh General Hospital.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

a group picture before starting the course. picture courtesy by Dr Pooi Pooi (my senior, now in Ipoh).

it was a very informative course, with good food in Ipoh.
HUALALAHHHHH... ipoh taugeh chicken, tau fu fa, ipoh white coffee, ipoh 'leng lui's...

and, i am MTLS certified.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

NUMBER... part II

in this very auspicious day, 20.08.2008, i got into trouble!!!


big problem...
'tua dai chi' (big issue)!

stay cooooool...

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Oil price

i am waiting for the day of cheaper petrol price...
no more RM2.70 for a litre!


i'm waiting... still!

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so i have this constantly updated global crude oil price.
see lah, how it will be at 31st of August?
how much the government will reduce the petrol price on the 1st September?

can't wait leh.

Monday, August 18, 2008

so near yet so far...

my heart was broken into pieces, as i was watching the so-called only hope in this Beijing Olympic game, playing in the badminton final.


so shameful... how could he just played like a small kid, helplessly being fooled by a bigger 'kor kor' (brother), Super-Dan. like a 'jaguh kampung', he was not prepared for a big game. it took 39 minutes to 'finished' him.

don't blame him for the 'misfortune'... yah right!!!

so near yet so far, our only brightest hope for *AN* Olympic gold 'huncur berkecai'. no hope liao...

what's wrong for all these?

we all eat the same rice as other people on earth...
we do have talented people,
we have all the 'high standard' equipments for training purposes...
we did provide huge funding for 'imported' trainers...
the government promises a mega-huge incentives if, getting gold, silver or bronce in the game...

they all underwent the professional training,
yet under achieved...

then, where is the problem???
we are not dark enough. see, the Jamaicans can really run...
we are not well-built enough. clear example, look at the american - Phelps, he has broad shoulders, muscle-packed body. hualalah, he swam for eight golds.
we have smaller brains, with very narrow perspective.

our own self, making the mistake!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

my DEAR...

at the beach.

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sui boh???

Friday, August 15, 2008


i was watching the Lee Chong Wei's badminton game, quarter final ler, in Beijing Olympic.

the opponent, Korean's Lee HyunIl.


sweating man... heart was beating fast, breathing was becoming more shallow, both eyes were glued to the television, hands and legs were reacting as if like a playing at the court.


i was totally 'INTO' the game for our Malaysian Olympian.

and he won the game. as if winning the gold medal, he was shouting at court and i was shouting and running madly at home... gila gila one!


so, we shall wait for the FINAL on Sunday.
at least a silver medal in the bank, and hope for A GOLD.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

sky, sea and sands

from Batu Feringgi, Penang...

ya beach, i like!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

with a girl thinking she can fly, siao siao one leh :-)

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


this girl is my wife...

Monday, August 11, 2008


very tired.....

over the weekend, i went to Penang for a talk - "Atherothrombosis Medical Workshop", which was conducted by Dato Chandran (Head of Department, Medical Hospital Ipoh). courtesy from Sanofi Aventis (a drug company), the whole trip was sponsored. my wife and i were staying at ParkRoyal Hotel for two nights. apart of relaxing at the beach, not forgetting about the good content from the workshop.

then today, i went to Hospital Teluk Intan for another 'kursus' - updates for warfarin management. but i was too tired from listening, after the long journey...
man, so 'mengantuk'. really tak boleh tahan LAH!


so i got to sleep now.

Friday, August 08, 2008


what a day!
080808, very very 'ONG' lor.....

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it is a day for,
- Beijing Olympic opening day
- prosperous 'ONG' day for everything...
- buy 4D numbers, and hoping to strike big lottery.
- propose to your girlfriend, or get marry right now!
- giving birth a new life... (only female can do this)
- etc....

what should i do for this big day leh???

ahhh... still thinking leh...

Thursday, August 07, 2008


you are under charged!!!

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for sodomy....
malu nyer @#$%&*


we shall wait till 10th September for the next hearing date.
who said, "snake shall not bite at the same person same place twice"?

the fact!!!
this is a special-breed "snake", would like to taste twice...


Wednesday, August 06, 2008

An interesting case...

i recieved a dead body during my on-call few days ago...
unlucky me.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

from this X-ray, there are multiple white dots spread over the chest region. yes, there are embedded inside the body.
according from the resources, this poor one shot oneself with a short gun. the multiple white dots are actually pallets from the bullet. if you can count, there are around 30-40 pallets...

sorry, i can't stop myself from showing the wound...


ta dah!!!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

how come there are two wounds?

the bottom one, an entry wound, clean rounded-shape where the gun was pointing at, with burn mark below the wound.
the upper one, an exit with re-entry wound, fluffy skin tag which dispersed upward in appearance. it is suggestive of burst from the pallets from the entry wound to the exterior and re-entry again into the body.

cause of death: gunshot injury
then, suicide or homicide??? - the police will find other evidence.

an interesting case...

by the way, i did this post-mortem which my forensic specialist... cool man!

p/s: poor picture quality ahh, these were taken from my 2MP phone camera :-)

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Month of Ghost

suddenly i realised it is Hungry Ghost month in Chinese lunar calender.

i have no ghost story to tell, nor i have no scary event to share. actually leh, i was thinking about the song 'only you.....' and the scene in the movie - Ghost!

but hor, i will normally go and pray pray at the 'tua su yah' (King of Hades, a big paper-bamboo-made statue, with scary face) in Bukit Mertajam, Penang annually. people call in Hungry Ghost Festival, or Por Thor. something like a yearly must-go event, since my dad's time.

then, there will be having the old 'teo chew' opera show. an old time entertainment... but many young people like it, and practically i don't understand what they are talking about.... cham lor!


dong... dong... chiang... chiang......

and of course not to forget about the makan makan part. alamak! saliva drooling again when mentioned about food. ciss...

so, when to go leh???

Monday, August 04, 2008

what did postman bring to me?

i saw this at my doorstep...

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so big package, but so light only...

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

actually, i bought myself a dry cabinet.
harrrr???? what is that!!!

after so many years keeping my camera equipments in a lousy-tesco-plastic box, finally i got a proper cabinet for it.
so, dry cabinet = dehumidifier. in other words i need a dry dry environment, cannot wet wet one lorrr in order to ensure no silly-fungus contaminating the equipments.

ok, enough said.
the damage, it cost RM four hundred plus...

fungus TAK-NAK!
at least now i have a more decent place to store my 'beloved'...



Sunday, August 03, 2008


some one asked me...

why do i choose to work at Hospital Slim River?

- it is nearer to KL, the only south most hospital in Perak. Family first mah...
- the work load is extremely lesser than the others. as i am practically work half day only, mostly will 'lepak' in the afternoon... what a jobless!
- i do not have to do 'houseman' work, as in taking blood, some other paper works, etc... my very hard-working-nurses will settle everything. what i need is just sign the forms, and sit still.
- steady cowboy-like town, with very friendly community.
- with more extra time, i can study!!!

so, when am i going to leave this hospital then?
ehhhh, soon and very soon...


because i cant 'tahan' with this slow-motion hospital and the cowboy-like rural life.
help... im suffocating!


Friday, August 01, 2008

the art of 'GADUH"

why do couples have argument?

some said...
conflict of interest - ehhh, this so-called 'interest' covers everything down the earth leh!
no 'mojo' to each other - for this, friction happens when there is out of lubricants... hehe
no mutual understanding - always, the female counterpart will blame the partner not to, or trying to understand the girl stuffs. but not the other way!

all sort of reasons.... and 'gaduh' is inevitable.
but then the outcome, most of the time the guys will tone down. the girls will give in. bang! happy ever again for this couple.

this cycle will repeat when it got strike again!

so, the moral of this story.....
it is GOOOOOD for guys to move the first step, REGARDLESS who is right or wrong, to ensure a BETTER, OR DESIRED outcomes!


yesterday, my wife was asking me :" how come we seldom have argument for long time already?"
me, answer :" because i love you even more already maaar!"
(10/10 distinction answer)


Tuesday, July 29, 2008


i went to penang with my wife yesterday.

after walk walk, shop shop, and makan makan... we went to visit my sister working in Haagen-Dazs. of course we didnt miss to have ice cream, as our supper.

so, here we got a 'super-sized-up', delicious _ _ _ *dont know what is the name*.

Image Hosting by Picoodle.com

special one leh, it has alot of strawberries inside the waffer basket... i like!
6 flavours of ice creams, hualalah...

Image Hosting by Picoodle.com

after makan makan, here i got pic of my sister with Mrs Boleh-man...

by the way, i got my wife a new camera. hey, it is just a point-and-shoot type. cheap cheap one lar, just a fujifilm f47 fd.
aiseh... so called able to do face detection. but hor, somehow not all the faces can be detected after testing. tipu one leh!
so, better detect the face my own. manual mode is much flexible.