Wednesday, August 06, 2008

An interesting case...

i recieved a dead body during my on-call few days ago...
unlucky me.

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from this X-ray, there are multiple white dots spread over the chest region. yes, there are embedded inside the body.
according from the resources, this poor one shot oneself with a short gun. the multiple white dots are actually pallets from the bullet. if you can count, there are around 30-40 pallets...

sorry, i can't stop myself from showing the wound...


ta dah!!!

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how come there are two wounds?

the bottom one, an entry wound, clean rounded-shape where the gun was pointing at, with burn mark below the wound.
the upper one, an exit with re-entry wound, fluffy skin tag which dispersed upward in appearance. it is suggestive of burst from the pallets from the entry wound to the exterior and re-entry again into the body.

cause of death: gunshot injury
then, suicide or homicide??? - the police will find other evidence.

an interesting case...

by the way, i did this post-mortem which my forensic specialist... cool man!

p/s: poor picture quality ahh, these were taken from my 2MP phone camera :-)

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