Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Month of Ghost

suddenly i realised it is Hungry Ghost month in Chinese lunar calender.

i have no ghost story to tell, nor i have no scary event to share. actually leh, i was thinking about the song 'only you.....' and the scene in the movie - Ghost!

but hor, i will normally go and pray pray at the 'tua su yah' (King of Hades, a big paper-bamboo-made statue, with scary face) in Bukit Mertajam, Penang annually. people call in Hungry Ghost Festival, or Por Thor. something like a yearly must-go event, since my dad's time.

then, there will be having the old 'teo chew' opera show. an old time entertainment... but many young people like it, and practically i don't understand what they are talking about.... cham lor!


dong... dong... chiang... chiang......

and of course not to forget about the makan makan part. alamak! saliva drooling again when mentioned about food. ciss...

so, when to go leh???

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