Tuesday, May 08, 2012

After 428...

Have you seen any difference in our political environment?
Have you decided firmly which is your stand?
Did you get some "welcome" tear-gas spray or water splash if you still wearing in Yellow or Green?

Who win, in the end?
No body!
Government lost, for unable to grant the so-called-Peace sitting.
Police Force lost (big time!), for turning it into violent riot.
Rakyat lost, for unable to see the want-to-see outcomes!

But, more and more awareness and concerns were raised after 428.
Government is becoming for Rakyat-friendly... (not sure if after Election)
Police Force is trying hard to get a final (post-mortem) report on the event... (Remember 709, I have not heard any report till now.)
Rakyat, still the same as old-time....

What are you waiting for?!

Saturday, May 05, 2012

Interstate 2012 - With BJCC

Cycling is absolutely fun, and easy... But not after Ultra-Bombastic-Suffer-Fest 3-day-Interstate...

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Interstate is an annual cycling event, organised by PCC (Pedalholic Cycling Club), 3 days covering few states in Peninsular with total millage around 450km only! Combination of hills and fast descend, rock-and-roll "kampung" roads, ultra-long-flat roads, are making this journey juicy and unpredictable. No matter how much preparation done before hand, the journey is always making you suffer but asking for more... So contradicting...

This year, we started from Kajang to Kuala Pilah, then Kuala Pilah to Muar on Day 2, with Muar-Pulai for the finale. As usual, it started with sharp ascends with combination of fast descends, but nothing as boring as super-flat-160km on the last day. After all, I came home in one-piece, without scratch but more prominent tan-line. My Celeste-Bianchi had a rear tyre puncture on Day 3, the last 40km. It was fixed up together with my team-mates.

This 3-Day-Cycling-Mania is meant for team effort, and strategies to complete. No one-man-show thingy, but every single ones in the team contribute such great effort. Grateful to have BJCC (Bukit Jelutong Cycling Club) with me, else I have to suffer more to achieve this milestone...

I cycled, I suffered, and I conquered!