Tuesday, May 08, 2012

After 428...

Have you seen any difference in our political environment?
Have you decided firmly which is your stand?
Did you get some "welcome" tear-gas spray or water splash if you still wearing in Yellow or Green?

Who win, in the end?
No body!
Government lost, for unable to grant the so-called-Peace sitting.
Police Force lost (big time!), for turning it into violent riot.
Rakyat lost, for unable to see the want-to-see outcomes!

But, more and more awareness and concerns were raised after 428.
Government is becoming for Rakyat-friendly... (not sure if after Election)
Police Force is trying hard to get a final (post-mortem) report on the event... (Remember 709, I have not heard any report till now.)
Rakyat, still the same as old-time....

What are you waiting for?!

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