Monday, June 22, 2009

Do you buy 4-D?

What! check out the 4-D (Four Digits) at Magnum today, my car number 9820 strikes the consolation price...
and it was just after my 'Un'fatal accident.

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don't play play...
and i didn't buy it, because i don't gamble!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

'Un'fatal accident

i met an accident!

how come?
actually hor, that time was after rain and the road condition was slippery. so fortunate that the front car decided to hit on emergency break at the fast land. i was just 20 meters behind it at the speed around 60 km/h. of course lah, i 'tekan' the break 'kaw kaw'.

ehhh, how come my car was moving still??? my right leg was pressing so hard on the break pedal, correctly. my car skidded and 'gracefully' KISSED the front counterpart.


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see! the front part is gone. the front bumper, grills, both lamps, and the bonnet are damaged.

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so fortunate, i'm still alive.
we have to think positive what!!!

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and the car lamps are so old already, showing all the aging marks with yellowish discolouration. this time is just giving me great opportunity to change them. get my car a brand-new look, still in black colour of course!

something like, it is fortunate in an unfortunate event...

Friday, June 19, 2009

Lata Kinjang

Ehhhemmmm, i went to Lata Kinjang yesterday.

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it is located somewhere near Tapah, Perak. about 12km from Tapah town, another 15km from the PLUS highway Tapah exit point. if you wish to get to this place, don't worry as there are plenty of clearly stated signboards pointing to the destination.

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i paid only RM1.00 for the entry to park my car, and 'wow' factors are just inside the jungle. crystal clear and super chilling water, nature sounds surrounding the area, the 'Qi' generated from the waterfall; all these are just perfectly matched. a place to run away from work and stress....

haha! i will be back... soon.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Missing in action...

Aiyooo... i have been missing in action for quite awhile. no news and updated photo about my little prince, no 3rd swimming lesson for him, just so quiet over here.

wooooo... hooo... anyone there???

i was busy with my work for the past few days. oncall lah, doing locum in clinic lah, sleep lah... i just felt like my biological clock turned up-side-down. i was like a walking-zombie, with noticeable panda-eyes and always-tired-look.

after sometime, i felt it is enough. i need a rest...
i need to recharge myself...
so i decided to go somewhere... tomorrow!

watch out this space for updates.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

My BolehBoy - Swimming lesson 2


i decided to give my BolehBoy another swimming lesson, and my BolehMother was on evening shift. hah! this time no one was able to stop me putting my little one into the pool liao... woakakaka!!!

After my little prince's first attempt, many people inquired about this swimming pool. where to buy lah? how to buy lah? how much lah? how big lah? blah, blah, blahhhh...

actually hor...
this whole package comes with the inflatable pool itself, electric pump, manual pump (as spare one, if no electricity), star-shaped float for baby, and toy ducklings (as souvenir, i think). as a starter kit, it contains all the necessary equipments for user to start using it right away.

after unpacking the box, the inflatable pool's size is about a normal study table, measuring around one and a half meter long and a meter wide. hmmm, it should fit inside a ordinary-sized toilet. me, i just put it outside the toilet. easy to fill and drain water, and more space for me to run around.

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after filling up with water, at about three quarters full, and mixing with hot water, it is ready for my little one to swim. big enough, if you are not-so-big in size, you can even join you baby inside the pool. but not me, i got to run around taking my BolehBoy's picture...
hey, did you notice my colourful ducklings? i got them from Jusco.

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ehh! how come my BolehBoy still biting his pacifier... but he enjoyed so much with his swimming lesson.

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10 minutes is just enough for him. but it takes around 45 minutes to prepare it, and it is still worth to put all the effort. so fun to see him playing inside, and his safety is assured.

a few useful tips to share with everyone... just keep the pool inflated while drying it, it is faster to get dried completely before keeping it. since the package comes with the electric pump, use this pump to suck out all air when deflating it. try to make it as if vacuum for easier storage, you have to manipulate a bit with the pump when deflating. it takes one minute to inflate, and another minute to deflate, so fast right!

i am a happy user of the swimming pool, why not joining me getting this for your love one... for more information about this pool, check out from this website. happy shopping...

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Happy 2nd anniversary

"Mummy mummy, happy 2nd anniversary with daddy..."
"i love dad and mum..."

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thank you dear for giving me this little prince, BolehBoy.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Someone dropped this at my doorstep...

To my dearest wifey,
yours truly, BolehMan has a secret to tell you. but hor, you have to do some work out and search the secret treasure...

the ultimate secret is...
someone dropped this package at our doorstep,

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when peeped inside, it is just a heavy square box.

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and then, it is hiding in our room. just somewhere there. where is it now?
heheeheeee, you better find it now.

hope you like the gift...