Monday, October 27, 2008

Langkawi trip: Part IV

aiyak, i have forgotten for my Langkawi story already. was in busy mood lately, many things to do, as usual...

after the Jetty Point, and snapping the Langkawi's favourite 'Helang', we went to the Bird Paradise a.k.a. Wildlife Sanctuary. it is located somewhere up north, about 20 minute drive form Kuah town. without the GPS device, it is quite hard to get along with even this small island's road system. turn left the right, then don't know where... but i got a special GPS, a policeman to direct me the right way.

ten, ten, teng...
we finally got to the destination.

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this lousy building is sitting in the middle of nowhere... beside the main road, but ancient forest surrounding it. so kesian lah!
heck! i already bought the entrance tickets, in cheap cheap price, from MATTA fair previously. so, kena masuk jugak lah.

the beautiful parrots welcome us.

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Mrs Boleh-man quickly opened the 'kacang' and fed them. so funny, she was so scared of the birds. or maybe the parrots scared of her too... hehe!

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nothing much to see inside, and it is so weird that middle of the path we have to and forced to enter a jewellery and precious stone store. eh! any connection of the stones and rocks to the birdies... i find it no connection lorrr!!!
so fast, we reached to the last pit stop, meet the peacocks.

then my wife complaint too tired, and i was forced to go back to hotel... before go back, i saw these handicraft at the entrance...

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beautiful giraffes...

at dinner time, we decided to eat something else than Chinese food. we found a thai restaurant along the Chenang beach, Rose Tea 2 restaurant. i wonder why it is II, and there must be Rose Tea I at some where else. make sense?

we ordered three dishes, with an appetizer of French fries...
yummy yummyyy... when i realised to take picture, we have had finished all.

we had veggies' TomYam pot...

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this was supposed Chicken in Black pepper source!

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last one, we had the squid in thai source.

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so sorry, nothing left than the remnant of veggie and its source. anyway, it is a new way of food presentation, to show the outcome of the food. is it delicious, i think you should get the answer from the plates...

After the good dinner, we finally headed back to our nearby hotel and called it a day.

FINAL INSTALMENT: Underwater World, Seven Wells ('Telaga Tujuh") waterfall

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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Men's toilet

i have questions...

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as guys, how do you find it when you have a female inside the men's toilet?

i know, i know... many people have had discussed about this. old topic. but then, it shouldn't happen in a well-known shopping mall here. and yet, no action has been taken.

just wondering,
if you were just happened to be here, and really need to release your urinary bladder's load.

will you pee over the urinal bowls, or you will go into the cubicles?
or you will just go to other toilet?
or you will politely ask the female worker to get out?

what if,
there is male worker inside the female toilet?
alamak, big trouble liao lorrr!!! WOAHAHAHA!

by the way, please leave your comment or input...
ten kew, kam siah manyak-manyak...

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Patients today...

i met one of my patients in the clinic. i got almost fainted after i saw his lipid profile, wah! the cholesterol level was very very high leh. flipping over his medications record, there was a lipid reduction medication on board. aiya...

"uncle, apa macam? taking your medications or not?"
the patient was so happily and answered, "ya, i took all the medications but not the cholesterol one. bad one, of course i stopped it"

eh, question marks in my mind...
"why leh?"

"why didn't you tell me the lipid lowering medications will cause the liver dysfunction. so scared and i have to stop taking it." then he mentioned all of these he got it from internet. he did a lot of studies and research about all his medications.

aiyooo! it is so hard to take care for the New-Age people. unlike old times, all patients will just follow all the instructions from the doctors. either they really trust the doctors full-heartedly, or they are just obedient. no way now! the patients will find everything from here and there from various sources, 'teaching' doctors back with his 'knowledge'. if started one treatment, the next day they will question you back for other options. think about it, how did the old-time doctors response if they met this situation now?

lucky enough, i'm not so dumb onto internet. searching here and there, to find the answers from the patients. and show the reliable sites for them as proper channels to get guidance.

for this patient, i got to explain to him the pro and con of taking the lipid lowering drugs, showed him a few web sites of good studies, and justified the proper usage of the medication. yes, he got convinced...

so hard! to handle the New-Age patients...
even harder, to make myself New-Age!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Doctor, BP is dropping...

whenever oncall or in the ICU (intensive care unit), many times that will encounter situation like this. out of no where, one of the nurses will shout for help.

"doctor, this patient's blood pressure is dropping!"

not enough, she will continue with:
"now is 70/30mmHg!"

somemore, "patient is asystole now!"

you are so busy attending other patients, trying to sort out other patients' problems. one patient here needs your help, there another patient collapses. no way, absolutely impossible for you split into two. like the monkey God, multiply itself. before the patient collapses, i will be the one fall down first. hah!

poor me, have to prioritise the patients. need to attend the most urgent ones first, then other. what to do? i will be running here and there, like a man got mad... ordering staffs to carry out plans, evaluating patient's response, and pray hard for something. going on and on...

life is so stressful...

this is how when the event comes! how fun to overcome with the stress, seeing patients recover from what you have done to them. sad, to see them expire after you have done the best.

one thing, I ain't God.
but, i can help all.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

"Wait, I need to ask my wife."

many times, at many occasions, whenever come across a question i like to say: "wait, I need to ask my wife first". it becomes automated, a habit to react.

when i was still single, i have a few friends who are already married. i feel its weird and irritating whenever they answered this. like, getting out for a gathering, for a trip or even buying things, common excuse is to ask wife first. i couldn't understand, how can't a married guy to make his own decision. why so difficult? young, and single mah... i was.

but now.
i have no problem to say this. anything comes to me, which need a decision, i need to ask my wife. simple... to get myself a shirt or anything, ask my wife. to have makan-makan or gathering with friends, ask my wife. ehh, not that my wife is a dictator. it is just, hmmm... easier to have a mutual decision.

it needs time to understand this. married life versus being single, nobody can imagine it.

so, why do i need to ask my wife too? first of all, it is just the best excuse to say no, sometimes. once you mention this, no one will argue with you. using my wife as an excuse is just brilliant, isn't it? of course, as a married couple we should respect to each other. for guys, by asking wives first will definitely cause less friction, or problem later. the girl happy, then everyone also happy lor...

the moral of the story,
"Wait, I really need to ask my wife first!"