Saturday, October 25, 2008

Men's toilet

i have questions...

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as guys, how do you find it when you have a female inside the men's toilet?

i know, i know... many people have had discussed about this. old topic. but then, it shouldn't happen in a well-known shopping mall here. and yet, no action has been taken.

just wondering,
if you were just happened to be here, and really need to release your urinary bladder's load.

will you pee over the urinal bowls, or you will go into the cubicles?
or you will just go to other toilet?
or you will politely ask the female worker to get out?

what if,
there is male worker inside the female toilet?
alamak, big trouble liao lorrr!!! WOAHAHAHA!

by the way, please leave your comment or input...
ten kew, kam siah manyak-manyak...

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Anonymous said...

Happened to you before? Why this incident came to your mind? Or you just be 8 .:P