Thursday, January 10, 2008

when a doc become a patient

again, im sick!!!

with my deep sexy tone,
congested nose with slimmy discharge,
erythematous and sleepy face,
pain in my throat,
lethargic looking...

oh shit!!!

the virus is taking over me!

poor me, take paracetamol (Panadol, for layman) every 4 hourly. then drink alot and alot of water, with own prescribed antibiotics and anti-flu. heck, im swallowing more than 10 tablets of medication in one time.

im a patient now,
and i need a doctor...
with nurses (young and pretty one, of course lah!)


Tuesday, January 08, 2008

my boss get cought f**king with a gal


what a shock, i couldnt believe its him.

frankly, i seldom read newspaper eversince working. well, no time (an excuse) and no free newspaper around. but the news really cought my attention, something related to me (and my work).

yes, it is a sensitive issue. especially it is very near to general election, the politicians should make no mistake. as it is now to show off thier five-yearly report card to the voters.

this poor guy, pulak get cought in the video.

why now?

and who is the person behind this propaganda?

who is she? (the girl in the video)

think think think...
this must be something fishy, like stories in the CSI, something lies beneath. a tactic, bad and ugly strategy among the politician.

so, this is the end for his chapter in politic.

when one hero falls, another one will rise up!
is he our HERO?


whether my next boss will increase my salary? increase the on-call claim? or increase the allowance?

pray hard...

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

new and old


a wonderful to be remembered, for me.

hmmm, what did i get over the 365 days???

i have earned myself 12 months of salaries...
compeleted first years as houseman, in working life...
managed to go for few great vacations...
and of course, get a wife...

so, what is next???

i wish...
to be able to get transferred to KL, to be nearer to my love one...
to get/earn more money...
get more working experience...
pass my part one (master programme)
and many more wishessss!

"perhaps, this year should not be only ourself...
its time to give to others"

and here i wish you all..

dewd, good health and be prosperous to everyone hah!
paiseh paiseh...

fat choi, fat fat fat....