Thursday, August 28, 2008

now MP...

yes, we have a new Member of Parliament.


yes, he is Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.
now, DSAI already a MP of Permatang Pauh. the second round of political tsunami is coming. the 16th September is just near around the corner.

we all, the country need a big change...

for him - now MP, very soon jadi PM!

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Monday, August 25, 2008

where did i go for the past 4 days?

i went to Ipoh.

i attended a course, Malaysia Trauma Life Support (MTLS), which was organised by the Department of Emergency, Hospital Raja Permaisuri Bainun a.k.a Ipoh General Hospital.

Image Hosted by

a group picture before starting the course. picture courtesy by Dr Pooi Pooi (my senior, now in Ipoh).

it was a very informative course, with good food in Ipoh.
HUALALAHHHHH... ipoh taugeh chicken, tau fu fa, ipoh white coffee, ipoh 'leng lui's...

and, i am MTLS certified.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

NUMBER... part II

in this very auspicious day, 20.08.2008, i got into trouble!!!


big problem...
'tua dai chi' (big issue)!

stay cooooool...

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Oil price

i am waiting for the day of cheaper petrol price...
no more RM2.70 for a litre!


i'm waiting... still!

Image Hosted by

so i have this constantly updated global crude oil price.
see lah, how it will be at 31st of August?
how much the government will reduce the petrol price on the 1st September?

can't wait leh.

Monday, August 18, 2008

so near yet so far...

my heart was broken into pieces, as i was watching the so-called only hope in this Beijing Olympic game, playing in the badminton final.


so shameful... how could he just played like a small kid, helplessly being fooled by a bigger 'kor kor' (brother), Super-Dan. like a 'jaguh kampung', he was not prepared for a big game. it took 39 minutes to 'finished' him.

don't blame him for the 'misfortune'... yah right!!!

so near yet so far, our only brightest hope for *AN* Olympic gold 'huncur berkecai'. no hope liao...

what's wrong for all these?

we all eat the same rice as other people on earth...
we do have talented people,
we have all the 'high standard' equipments for training purposes...
we did provide huge funding for 'imported' trainers...
the government promises a mega-huge incentives if, getting gold, silver or bronce in the game...

they all underwent the professional training,
yet under achieved...

then, where is the problem???
we are not dark enough. see, the Jamaicans can really run...
we are not well-built enough. clear example, look at the american - Phelps, he has broad shoulders, muscle-packed body. hualalah, he swam for eight golds.
we have smaller brains, with very narrow perspective.

our own self, making the mistake!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

my DEAR...

at the beach.

Image Hosted by

sui boh???

Friday, August 15, 2008


i was watching the Lee Chong Wei's badminton game, quarter final ler, in Beijing Olympic.

the opponent, Korean's Lee HyunIl.


sweating man... heart was beating fast, breathing was becoming more shallow, both eyes were glued to the television, hands and legs were reacting as if like a playing at the court.


i was totally 'INTO' the game for our Malaysian Olympian.

and he won the game. as if winning the gold medal, he was shouting at court and i was shouting and running madly at home... gila gila one!


so, we shall wait for the FINAL on Sunday.
at least a silver medal in the bank, and hope for A GOLD.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

sky, sea and sands

from Batu Feringgi, Penang...

ya beach, i like!

Image Hosted by

with a girl thinking she can fly, siao siao one leh :-)

Image Hosted by


this girl is my wife...

Monday, August 11, 2008


very tired.....

over the weekend, i went to Penang for a talk - "Atherothrombosis Medical Workshop", which was conducted by Dato Chandran (Head of Department, Medical Hospital Ipoh). courtesy from Sanofi Aventis (a drug company), the whole trip was sponsored. my wife and i were staying at ParkRoyal Hotel for two nights. apart of relaxing at the beach, not forgetting about the good content from the workshop.

then today, i went to Hospital Teluk Intan for another 'kursus' - updates for warfarin management. but i was too tired from listening, after the long journey...
man, so 'mengantuk'. really tak boleh tahan LAH!


so i got to sleep now.

Friday, August 08, 2008


what a day!
080808, very very 'ONG' lor.....

Image Hosted by

it is a day for,
- Beijing Olympic opening day
- prosperous 'ONG' day for everything...
- buy 4D numbers, and hoping to strike big lottery.
- propose to your girlfriend, or get marry right now!
- giving birth a new life... (only female can do this)
- etc....

what should i do for this big day leh???

ahhh... still thinking leh...

Thursday, August 07, 2008


you are under charged!!!

Image Hosted by

for sodomy....
malu nyer @#$%&*


we shall wait till 10th September for the next hearing date.
who said, "snake shall not bite at the same person same place twice"?

the fact!!!
this is a special-breed "snake", would like to taste twice...


Wednesday, August 06, 2008

An interesting case...

i recieved a dead body during my on-call few days ago...
unlucky me.

Image Hosted by

from this X-ray, there are multiple white dots spread over the chest region. yes, there are embedded inside the body.
according from the resources, this poor one shot oneself with a short gun. the multiple white dots are actually pallets from the bullet. if you can count, there are around 30-40 pallets...

sorry, i can't stop myself from showing the wound...


ta dah!!!

Image Hosted by

how come there are two wounds?

the bottom one, an entry wound, clean rounded-shape where the gun was pointing at, with burn mark below the wound.
the upper one, an exit with re-entry wound, fluffy skin tag which dispersed upward in appearance. it is suggestive of burst from the pallets from the entry wound to the exterior and re-entry again into the body.

cause of death: gunshot injury
then, suicide or homicide??? - the police will find other evidence.

an interesting case...

by the way, i did this post-mortem which my forensic specialist... cool man!

p/s: poor picture quality ahh, these were taken from my 2MP phone camera :-)

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Month of Ghost

suddenly i realised it is Hungry Ghost month in Chinese lunar calender.

i have no ghost story to tell, nor i have no scary event to share. actually leh, i was thinking about the song 'only you.....' and the scene in the movie - Ghost!

but hor, i will normally go and pray pray at the 'tua su yah' (King of Hades, a big paper-bamboo-made statue, with scary face) in Bukit Mertajam, Penang annually. people call in Hungry Ghost Festival, or Por Thor. something like a yearly must-go event, since my dad's time.

then, there will be having the old 'teo chew' opera show. an old time entertainment... but many young people like it, and practically i don't understand what they are talking about.... cham lor!


dong... dong... chiang... chiang......

and of course not to forget about the makan makan part. alamak! saliva drooling again when mentioned about food. ciss...

so, when to go leh???

Monday, August 04, 2008

what did postman bring to me?

i saw this at my doorstep...

Image Hosted by

so big package, but so light only...

Image Hosted by

actually, i bought myself a dry cabinet.
harrrr???? what is that!!!

after so many years keeping my camera equipments in a lousy-tesco-plastic box, finally i got a proper cabinet for it.
so, dry cabinet = dehumidifier. in other words i need a dry dry environment, cannot wet wet one lorrr in order to ensure no silly-fungus contaminating the equipments.

ok, enough said.
the damage, it cost RM four hundred plus...

fungus TAK-NAK!
at least now i have a more decent place to store my 'beloved'...



Sunday, August 03, 2008


some one asked me...

why do i choose to work at Hospital Slim River?

- it is nearer to KL, the only south most hospital in Perak. Family first mah...
- the work load is extremely lesser than the others. as i am practically work half day only, mostly will 'lepak' in the afternoon... what a jobless!
- i do not have to do 'houseman' work, as in taking blood, some other paper works, etc... my very hard-working-nurses will settle everything. what i need is just sign the forms, and sit still.
- steady cowboy-like town, with very friendly community.
- with more extra time, i can study!!!

so, when am i going to leave this hospital then?
ehhhh, soon and very soon...


because i cant 'tahan' with this slow-motion hospital and the cowboy-like rural life.
help... im suffocating!


Friday, August 01, 2008

the art of 'GADUH"

why do couples have argument?

some said...
conflict of interest - ehhh, this so-called 'interest' covers everything down the earth leh!
no 'mojo' to each other - for this, friction happens when there is out of lubricants... hehe
no mutual understanding - always, the female counterpart will blame the partner not to, or trying to understand the girl stuffs. but not the other way!

all sort of reasons.... and 'gaduh' is inevitable.
but then the outcome, most of the time the guys will tone down. the girls will give in. bang! happy ever again for this couple.

this cycle will repeat when it got strike again!

so, the moral of this story.....
it is GOOOOOD for guys to move the first step, REGARDLESS who is right or wrong, to ensure a BETTER, OR DESIRED outcomes!


yesterday, my wife was asking me :" how come we seldom have argument for long time already?"
me, answer :" because i love you even more already maaar!"
(10/10 distinction answer)