Thursday, October 26, 2006

taiping, gua lai liao...

taiping hospital, where i will spend my next 12-months as a poor-like-a-dog-life houseman.... sigh!

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guess what, can you spot the taiping hospital?

Saturday, October 21, 2006

another wedding...

i went for a wedding dinner just now.

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the bride is only 19 years old! the groom, is my cousin...

here come another family photo...

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you cant find me inside, because i was holding the damned camera for this photo @#%^&*

Friday, October 20, 2006

lets talk about HongKong

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HongKong, a metropolitan.

where u can see all the sign boards, advertisement boards are 'protruding' out from the building, which a hallmark of hongkong scenary.

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no matter where you go, you will never miss the boards. some how i found the names are very creative, and funny...

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people here are very hardworking. you can easily find those not-so-young people cracking their bones for the hard-earn money. wow!!!

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and they are tough too...

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one thing that we can find it in malaysia, a pork shop selling and potraying the beloved 'siew yok' openly to the public. yummy!!!

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the guardian angel is guarding and keeping the land in peace. silently, it makes everyone feels like home here...

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not enough? then you can have pray at one of the most outstanding buildings at the nanthan road, the mosque. looks familiar???

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not forgetting about the water fountain pond at the 'wong tai sin' temple.

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the unholy one, there are a lot of book/magazine stalls at the 'kaki lima'. and, the X-rated materials are easily found here. the prove...

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very tempting to get one...

the ferry, named after a star, is cruising between kowloon and the island (wan chai and chong wan).

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and my beautiful darling...

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Thursday, October 19, 2006

HongKong, part 1

let me start...

this was our first meal in HongKong, a beef rice at Yoshinoya. yummy!!! anyhow i noticed there is no service charge or goverment tax as what we used to pay here at any restaurants. its already included in the price as they stated on the board, i presumed. anyway, it cost me HKD 14 for this set. cheap??? nah!!!

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but she likes it so much... i do, too.

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we had our whole afternoon shopping at the 'west Kowloon centre', a HongKong style of shopping centre. since it is not for visitors, there is no branded galleries or boutique here. then our next destination, mongkok. three main streets here; the 'sai yong choi' street for the latest gadgets (but mostly handphone shops), ladies' street and the garden street for sport wears.
we spotted a lot of the food stalls selling the fish balls, beef internal organ and the 'chau taufu'. but we stopped by to try on the famous fish balls. spicy or not spicy one???

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everyone wont miss the food stalls over here. just follow the smell, one will definitely reach to any of the stalls. stinky smell... from the famous 'chau taufu'. tried it, but not nice.... tasteless.

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the ladies' street is something like our petaling street. it is meant for the visitors. lousy shirts, some HongKong souveniers, girl's accessories etc... do you notice their roofs are so high up? two stories high...

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it was monday that day, but there were so many people there. not only guilos (visitors), there were a lot of hongkies there, even until late night. just wondering whether they need to work or not???
nice views and an eye-opener experiece for us. cool....

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the buses here are mostly double-deckers.

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supper, we had the 'teng zhai' porridge (aka "small sampan" porridge). the best partner for porridge is the 'yao char keuw'. nice...

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shops in HongKong will serve you a cup of hot tea, automatically when you are seated. but is it drinkable???
many hongkies use it to wash the chopsticks, and order other drinks. but, yes, it is safe to drink!

sneak preview of my hongkong trip

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it was taken at the 'wong tai sin' temple. there is the main one, where a lot of them are praying for, and a few of the small ones. here, there is a small pond and a hut for the 'honoured' guests to rest.
people said, you must circle around this pond for few times (some said three times is enough, some said eight. who to believe???). it will help to change you luck and become prosperous. it should be a must-do event when one visits this temple. otherwise one is not considered worthy to the temple. and i only got to know it after i went back to my hostel. shit! i didnt go circle the pond, but i only got the picture.
so do you think my luck will change, if i go circle the pond's picture. hai...

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

my 'belated' convocation

haiyo, apa macam?????
it was already two months after my convocation (19 august), and now only im going to show my photos. shame on me!!!
apa nak buat?
i was so busy with my other responsibilies; got to clean the other house (cause i may work in penang), unpack my stuffs, then my hongkong trip and so on. my all sort of reasons and excuses. shit!!!

so, to recap (from my old, dont-no-where memory) the event on that day...

i guess it should be THE event for every one. a wonderful, and briliant finale after all the sweats and night oils for (at least) five years. yet it was an emotional one (deep in everyone's heart) and the proud moment for the parents.
the day started with gowing. everyone was busy with ironing the 'magnificent' gown, then adjusting it here and there.

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not forgetting about photography, the smilie faces are printed in every photos.

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no one was excused for not taking photograph, in such a joyful moment...

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i was so busy, no fitting my gown, but taking all these photos. eveyone was so willing to pose in front of the camera... chik chak!!!! (konica!)

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me, of course, wont miss the chance...

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after all, we were asked to queue in front of the hall. while waiting for our turn at the alley, me, became 'keh poh' again...

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ok, i got my scroll and the 'most-important' MBBS cert. and its time for a 'whole-family' photo.

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where was i? guess...

final two today, my back...

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and my lovely sister...

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again, sorry for my belated convo photos :- )

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

hazzy syndrome


sneezing..... *ha chiew.....

dry itchy throat....

ouch!!!! im officially sick...

damn it, the haze!

*cough* *cough* *cough*

Saturday, October 07, 2006



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too many people were standing, sitting or eating over there, while waiting for the grand event (so called!) of the day.

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ang-mos, typical China-man, other not-so China-man (like my darling and i) were just waiting for the fireworks...

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when the clock touched at the time 7pm. it started!
people said, a million-dollar shots... nah!!! only cost me RM150 for the gate entry :- )

tak boleh tahaaaan....

Friday, October 06, 2006

my (our) HongKong trip - appetizer

slowly, i uploaded nearly 3.5gigs of photos into my hardisk. pheeeewwwww.....

however i havent really have time and patience to look through all of them... sad! as the appetizer. here you have one!!!


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the picture from the Disney HongKong. it was the grand finale of the day with almost 15minutes of fireworks. wonderful.....

by the way, happy MOONCAKE festival...

Thursday, October 05, 2006

mari makan fruits...

when i got up today, to my surprice i saw "tiga sikat pisang" (big ones) on the dining table.

hah!!! scratching my head, why did my mum get some much of bananas... still wondering???

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mum said, firstly she got the two smaller ones. then she saw the bigger ones are more delicious. cissss... she bought them all. the seller even asked her why did she buy so much, she replied "we are going to have bananas for lunch!".

here we go, one by one. i 'hantam' one of the bananas! that was my lunch...

now you see...

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now you dont...


sudah hilang liao... all in my hungry stomach (hehe)

then as for tea, i had sudden craving for my all-time-favourite 'rojak'. tell you what, the rojak is damn nice!!! no joke one... see it, and taste it to believe!

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dude, please keep your saliva. its for me, not for your share k!!!
fast fast, i went to the stall and tapau a packet of 3 ringgit. fast fast i came back home. hmmmm, by less than 3 minute...

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all kena hantam by me again! fwaaaaaah! what a great satisfaction... woahahahahaaaaa.....
i love fruits...

as conclusion for my 'fruitie' day, i had some mangoes pickle (sweet and sour one). another yummy finale... hai, what a wonderful day.......


Wednesday, October 04, 2006

gua deng lai liao~~~~~

hai... after many days of missing in action, here im back again!

what i can say:
"it is so nice to step on the Malaysia ground..."

reason? will be explained soon....

wait hah!!!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

all about kids...

but not mine!

i found few more photos in my hard disk while trying to clean it, too many junks inside. im expecting to have at least 3 gigs of pictures after i come back from hongkong trip. whaooooooo..... hmmm, will i have time to process them???

anyway, these are not my darling's photos (dont get angry again, darling!)

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how to introduce her???? someone lah.... u know, i know!

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he is getting more and more 'keh poh'!
look! he was trying to guess his bra size...pengsan...

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

my version of lilies

i didnt shoot much lately...
one day, i had some programme at the centre of kl (somewhere near the Bank Negara) i decided to walk around the Orchid garden.

after a not-so-short journey, i reached to the gate. foooolamak... its free of charge man! on the weekdays, but need to pay rm1 during weekends. so i save one buck, and slowly (and tiredly) walked up a small hill before reaching to the real destination.

orchids... and hibiscus...

i went straight to the ponds. click... click.... and clicks....

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only lilies!!!!
i didnt have chance and time to shoot others. the reason being my beloved was waiting for me (as she was my driver on that day!) sigh...

so, i will come again. next time!

Monday, September 18, 2006

back again!

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hah! mrs Boleh-man got furious because i didnt post her photo for quite some time already, insteed other non-relevant photos... but, but, but....

i just came back from KayEal few days ago. now i have to finish packing my stuffs for traveling (dude, im going to hongkong on the coming sunday!), furthermore i need to fix my penang house before leaving oversea. i need to buy a wardrobe and a washing machine, then to unpack my stuffs (like books and clothes). sien....