Thursday, October 19, 2006

sneak preview of my hongkong trip

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it was taken at the 'wong tai sin' temple. there is the main one, where a lot of them are praying for, and a few of the small ones. here, there is a small pond and a hut for the 'honoured' guests to rest.
people said, you must circle around this pond for few times (some said three times is enough, some said eight. who to believe???). it will help to change you luck and become prosperous. it should be a must-do event when one visits this temple. otherwise one is not considered worthy to the temple. and i only got to know it after i went back to my hostel. shit! i didnt go circle the pond, but i only got the picture.
so do you think my luck will change, if i go circle the pond's picture. hai...

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