Thursday, July 21, 2011

Happy Birthday...

Not celebrating with anyone!

Police: Show me your IC and driving license...
A: Alamak! License expired liao!
Police: Hey, do you forget your birthday???
A: Mmmmm......

Next time, you should have no excuse to forget to update your driving license once standardize the expiry date with your birth date! Now, if you are so 'forgetful' (as if) and you better find new excuses to tell policeman.

Let me suggest...

"I never celebrate birthday, I never know!"
"I am from orphanage, never care about birthday."
"Birthday, what is that?"

What next?

I suggest to standardize our birth date with all government-related-documents. Vehicle road tax, personal income tax, company registration, house assessment tax, land tax, passport, etc... All to this 'special' and personalized date, unique for everyone, thus should have no excuse or reason to forget or making forgetful.

What say you?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My CENTURY ride...

After 7 months on bicycling, spent hundreds of hours on tarmac, more than 6000km of distance. Finally I 'officially' took part in a cycling event, Century Ride Malaysia 2011. Off record, my actual first 'unofficial' event was Letua 100 ride. Not registered, by 'accident' I joined the ride without preparation after 2 weeks getting my bike.
Still, I was given the finisher medal!

This time, I went in with full preparation!

It was 'only' 160km, from Ipoh town, to small small 'kampungs', then back to Ipoh. Mostly flat road, but 2 challenging hills to climb after 90km. As a newbie, yet-first-year-rider, my main objective was to stay in front group (as possible) to finish within 5 hours. I have set my sight at finishing line when started to ride. My aim was clear, I need to reach before 5 hours mark, no matter what!

First half of distance, was relatively easy and maintained at high speed. At last 40km, alamak! I could see some stars, difficult to keep concentration, whole body ache... My motivation was high to keep on riding, still, tagged with few riders in a small peloton and we rode past one rider to another.

Counting down each km I passed, was just like magic booster and encouraged me to keep on riding. Crossing finishing line, finally I finished the ride!

I clocked at 4h46m, with average speed at 34km/h. Ranking 140th in my group, 215th in General Classification. My objective accomplished, and I achieved something, at least, during my 'virgin' outing.

Not forgetting, unusually lucky I got 2 lucky draws. A hamper of Nestle products and a-year-free subscription from Cycling Malaysia.

At least, I came home not empty-handed...

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Event 709

What did you do on 9th July 2011?

Were you in town Kuala Lumpur?
Did you join the 'Rakyat vs Government' rally?
Did you make yourself to wear in YELLOW?

Did you know what was really happening to our country?

It was Saturday, I had my usual training on cycling. Then stayed put at home, afraid of traffic jam in town...

So 'safe' myself!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

My prince v2.3

How long didn't I update my little prince's photo?

Very long, and he is totally a different person now. From a little baby, to a slightly bigger boy; from slightly fatter one, to a thin boy; super energetic and talkative...

Image Hosted by

He decided to play in pool today!
And of course, his favourite ball is with him always...

He is 2-year-3-month old now!


Friday, June 17, 2011

How much is your 5 minutes?

Most of us, I believe, understood and believed that we can't buy time.

Tik, tok... Tik, tok...

We can't reverse time, nor stopping it. Many of us wish to have extra time, some said...
"Five more minutes, let me sleep some more..."
"Please extend the due date, I have not finishing the task..."
"I'm on the way, 5 minutes more to reach..."

I can buy time!

How can it be???
I usually spend 3 hours on road daily. Like most of you, I contribute quite a big share into petrol and road tolls daily. Thank me for saving our country's economy, despite petrol and toll rate hike I'm still paying and keeping on contributing. Some, will skip tolls to save few bucks, but detour is usually longer ride.

I use Batu 3 Federal Highway toll everyday, instead of taking detour at Glenmarie I prefer to pay RM1.10 toll rate. It saves me 5 minutes, at least, from the traffic jam and longer ride at detour. Indirectly, I am actually paying RM1.10 for 5 minutes. Isn't so?

I need extra time, I love to spend more time with my wife, my son and at home doing nothing...

5 minutes, cost me RM1.10 only!


Thursday, June 16, 2011


After submarining for so long, I'm back (again!) into blogging...

I promise:
1. I will try my very best to keep updated on my blog,
2. I will make more intellectual and ISA-free appraisals on our Boleh-Land,
3. I will mention more on my newly-found interest, on bicycling!
4. I will post more photos...
5. I will hide my wife and son!!!



Sunday, February 20, 2011

YONG's young generation XY...

Do, Re, Mee...

Image Hosted by

Trio in play...