Thursday, November 27, 2008

Yoga - okay or not?

first of all, im not fancy about yoga. neither learning it, nor have any interest to it. flipping over the recent newspapers, i got a shock to knowing that this yoga is 'haram' in the Islamic fatwa. yoga is linked to the Hinduism, about chanting or praying which is prohibited in the Islamic study.

ehh... what about other exercises?
Taekwondo is linking to Korean's religion?
Taichi is sort of praying to the Chinese's religion?
Kungfu is about Buddhism?
then, aerobics is linked to the Western religion?

so, all these exercises are 'haram'? and later on all other actions will be linking to the religion, and so be it.

what is the moral of the story?
religion is an independent issue, and should not mix with all sort of other factors. why not just stay in a perfect harmony state, instead to stir some turbulence in the calm situation.


Monday, November 10, 2008

Just a picture...

i took this at 'Telaga Tujuh' waterfall, Langkawi recently.

Image Hosted by

20mm, f11 at 1/8secs, manual mode.
just to share...

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Future daddy

after knowing Mrs Bolehman is pregnant, i have been very busy searching information and preparing be a FATHER myself. here and there, all from the internet and reading materials... hours of reading from books and magazines, days and nights of searching in the world wide web...

peeping to the babies' corner in the shopping centres, going into the baby shops whenever we encounter one. comparing the product A and product B, before deciding which one to get...

finally, i starting getting stuffs for our baby.

what i have now?
i got a milk bottle sterilizer, from Philips Avent. till now, i only get to know about this product does exist for so long. it is an automatic boiler which 'cook' the bottles for exactly 8 minutes and shuts off itself. so amazing right!
i got milk bottles from Avent too. few of 3 oz bottles (suitable for newborn stage), few of 9 oz bottles (when the baby is a little bit older), and 11 oz bottle for much older baby. at least, i have a full set of them.
i bought a few sets of baby clothes, mittens and booties and baby cap. baby towels, handkerchiefs, 'kain lampin' - all these i have already.
so kiasu, i even bought the diaper already. cheap mah! there are sales in supermarket now...
i got a baby nail clipper too. so small and cute. it cost me RM30! WAH LAU! so expensive right, bloody 'mahal' lorrrr...

subconsciously, i already got many other things...


back to conscious, i have had spent a lot on baby's stuffs...
and the ball is continue rolling!!!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

A baby boy

yes, Mrs Bolehman is pregnant!!!

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what is that?
the pointer is showing the baby's penis, what a cute one!

the Cow daddy and Cow mummy are expecting our first product, a baby boy next year. a 'COW' boy, in the Chinese zodiac. he will be chasing those in red, HAHAHA!!!
don't play play...

itu lembu mari liao!