Monday, June 30, 2008

good or bad timing...

i can't believe it...

today, all the major newspapers' front page was covering about Someone's case. it is an old story, he was punished with 9-year-jail, but then later the case was reversed and he got released. and now, he is blamed to have convicted his previous act, again.

how come?

i don't really know about someone's private hobby, pleasure and entertainment... as i know, he is married, with a chinese-looking woman. and he likes boys' bottom there... ???

why does the government like to use the same old trick twice?
why did the boys like to offer their bottom?

but then hor,
what a timing?

after the 308 tsunami, he did mentioned that the opposition coalition (Pakatan Rakyat) will take over the parliament on the coming september. now, it is about time. and this boom was just dropped from nowhere...


bad or good timing... or it is just a coincidence?
no one knows...

ok, i will arrange a private interview with him. (i will report to public soon!)
and, i need to protect my assssssss!

cabut! again.

Friday, June 27, 2008

heart attack

there was a patient came to casualty department this afternoon, after my 'kenyang-kenyang' lunch break... he was having chest pain during his friday sembayang, so painful until tak boleh tahan lah.

after awhile, he got loss of consciousness. then hor, his blood pressure was unrecordable. breathing was becoming shallow. unarousable...

so dramatic!

and so happenned that, i was there.
was loitering at the casualty department after lunch break. ok what, i am sooooo free on every afternoon!

so happenned that, my colleague (who in-charge of casualty) was asking for help.

this poor guy was having Myocardial infarction, a.k.a heart attack, with cardiogenic shock, a.k.a non-functioning heart.

cling... clang... ping... pang....

we intubated the patient. started him with all the life-saving medications, resuscitation with CPR...
after 1 hour of hardwork
still, his breathing stopped. his limbs became cold and clamy, pupils were dilated, heart finally gave up and stopped pumping.

all failed.
and we send him up.... nearer to Him.

poor guy!
all just happenned so dramatically, and sudden.

"life is just.... unpredictable!"


today is friday again...

but i have on call, on passive call.
and then hor, i will be on call again on sunday. that will be active call.

what are passive and active?

active mean, i will sit at the casualty department. see all the cases, some patients need admission, some just give medicine and kick them home. thats all!
passive pulak, sit at home. do nothing, and wait for calls; if there is case to send out to other hospital for further management.

anyhow, i have around 6-7 calls a month only...
will earn less than a thousand a month for my call claims...

and shit,
again, no money liao!!!

cryiiiiinggggggg, weekend no good!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


who is this?

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

again, fat

being fat is not guilty, it is innocence...

but hoh, in the sun-arising country (japan) fat people will be punished. according to a new law, male with waist size more than 33.5 inches and female with more than 35.5 inches will be getting summon.

further than this, if a company has more than the limit of obese employers then also die. they too, will get punished.


so, fat is no good!

fat people will need to pay compound...

hmmm, but then how come feminie's limit is higher? they can be fatter than musculine?
is it they need more fat tissue for protection?
or to compensate for the child-bearing ability?


no good, no good!

Thursday, June 19, 2008


i am getting fatter liao...

now, everything is getting more expensive. but hoh, still need to eat. since i am so free here, working only half my effort only. eating become my hobby...


i came across an article today.
the waist size of a person is corresponding to the risk of getting diseases.

then die loh!

according to the Asia Pacific guideline, for male with waist size more than 90cm (or 35.5 inches), female more than 80cm (or 31.5 inches) will carry a higher risk.
ok, im still belong to the low-risk group. at least for now!

so, what to do?

eat less, and exercise loh!
then hoh, according to studies... it came out a list of acitivities which the amount of calories can burn off after 30 minutes of doing such activity.

jogging will burn off 228 cals
playing tennis 228 cals
playing golf 113 cals
swimming 195 cals
bowling 98 cals
bicycle 129 cals
badminton 156 cals
sleeping, sorry it does not burn off calories...

wear your shoes,
1, 2, set. GO! for jogging loh...

FAT, lu bukan kawan gua!



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i like the colour combination.
don't you?

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


after the fuel price hike, like chain reaction, everything has just gone mad...
from a little sabun, to a house, all and everything are getting more expensive. is it because our money value is shrinking? or just....


boh lui (no money!) then how to survive?
some said, we need to change our life style. becoming less dependent to the subsidies, be less wasting the resources, be more independent in term of financial... all the craps!

so, it means
we have to pay maximum amount for the fuel in future! eventhough we are an oil-producing country.
we have to eat less (at least cut half), work harder (tripple the effort), and mandi with half the amount of water loh... just to save the resources mah!
we have to rob banks, in order to get more money... and independent!

is it?

"the only constant thing in life is..... change!"

i want...
change the administrators!
change the main players...
someone (you know who) to step down!!!

ISA officers are chasing me liao!


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

beautiful sunset...

from pontian kechil, Johor.

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dramatic boh???
beautiful leh...


Friday, June 06, 2008


first time in my life...

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it cost me more than RM100 to fill up my so-called retarded, 'tak-guna' proton car.

RM2.70 for a liter of petrol.
betul-betul tak boleh tahan lar!

from now on, gua no money liao lorrrr...

Thursday, June 05, 2008

don't wait...

it is already here...

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the petrol price is up, electric bills is increasing, many more stuffs are getting more and more expensive.

but, our wallets are becoming thinner lor...


how to change my life style now? so expensive to live...
don't eat lor...
wear nothing...

then die lorrrrrr!

Monday, June 02, 2008

year 1

happy first anniversary....

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so fast...
ONE year liao!

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and so amazing :-)

Sunday, June 01, 2008


wait for tomorrow ah....

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tick... tok...