Wednesday, June 18, 2008


after the fuel price hike, like chain reaction, everything has just gone mad...
from a little sabun, to a house, all and everything are getting more expensive. is it because our money value is shrinking? or just....


boh lui (no money!) then how to survive?
some said, we need to change our life style. becoming less dependent to the subsidies, be less wasting the resources, be more independent in term of financial... all the craps!

so, it means
we have to pay maximum amount for the fuel in future! eventhough we are an oil-producing country.
we have to eat less (at least cut half), work harder (tripple the effort), and mandi with half the amount of water loh... just to save the resources mah!
we have to rob banks, in order to get more money... and independent!

is it?

"the only constant thing in life is..... change!"

i want...
change the administrators!
change the main players...
someone (you know who) to step down!!!

ISA officers are chasing me liao!


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