Monday, June 30, 2008

good or bad timing...

i can't believe it...

today, all the major newspapers' front page was covering about Someone's case. it is an old story, he was punished with 9-year-jail, but then later the case was reversed and he got released. and now, he is blamed to have convicted his previous act, again.

how come?

i don't really know about someone's private hobby, pleasure and entertainment... as i know, he is married, with a chinese-looking woman. and he likes boys' bottom there... ???

why does the government like to use the same old trick twice?
why did the boys like to offer their bottom?

but then hor,
what a timing?

after the 308 tsunami, he did mentioned that the opposition coalition (Pakatan Rakyat) will take over the parliament on the coming september. now, it is about time. and this boom was just dropped from nowhere...


bad or good timing... or it is just a coincidence?
no one knows...

ok, i will arrange a private interview with him. (i will report to public soon!)
and, i need to protect my assssssss!

cabut! again.

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