Friday, June 27, 2008

heart attack

there was a patient came to casualty department this afternoon, after my 'kenyang-kenyang' lunch break... he was having chest pain during his friday sembayang, so painful until tak boleh tahan lah.

after awhile, he got loss of consciousness. then hor, his blood pressure was unrecordable. breathing was becoming shallow. unarousable...

so dramatic!

and so happenned that, i was there.
was loitering at the casualty department after lunch break. ok what, i am sooooo free on every afternoon!

so happenned that, my colleague (who in-charge of casualty) was asking for help.

this poor guy was having Myocardial infarction, a.k.a heart attack, with cardiogenic shock, a.k.a non-functioning heart.

cling... clang... ping... pang....

we intubated the patient. started him with all the life-saving medications, resuscitation with CPR...
after 1 hour of hardwork
still, his breathing stopped. his limbs became cold and clamy, pupils were dilated, heart finally gave up and stopped pumping.

all failed.
and we send him up.... nearer to Him.

poor guy!
all just happenned so dramatically, and sudden.

"life is just.... unpredictable!"

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