Thursday, June 19, 2008


i am getting fatter liao...

now, everything is getting more expensive. but hoh, still need to eat. since i am so free here, working only half my effort only. eating become my hobby...


i came across an article today.
the waist size of a person is corresponding to the risk of getting diseases.

then die loh!

according to the Asia Pacific guideline, for male with waist size more than 90cm (or 35.5 inches), female more than 80cm (or 31.5 inches) will carry a higher risk.
ok, im still belong to the low-risk group. at least for now!

so, what to do?

eat less, and exercise loh!
then hoh, according to studies... it came out a list of acitivities which the amount of calories can burn off after 30 minutes of doing such activity.

jogging will burn off 228 cals
playing tennis 228 cals
playing golf 113 cals
swimming 195 cals
bowling 98 cals
bicycle 129 cals
badminton 156 cals
sleeping, sorry it does not burn off calories...

wear your shoes,
1, 2, set. GO! for jogging loh...

FAT, lu bukan kawan gua!

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