Saturday, December 29, 2007

quantum leap!

after awhile in working life, i feel like it will be a static progress soon. what i need, a steady progression and significant improvement over the satisfaction. matters like job satisfaction, money income, and more responsibility with power....

isnt it all what we are looking for???

it is end of 2007. again, everyone is saying or asking "hey, what is your new year resolution?" etc... heck!


so i plan......

to live up my life.
then to bright up my life!


HAPPY NEW YEAR...2000000008
and euro cup, olympic game are coming :)

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

ho! ho! HOOOO....

Merry Christmas to everyone.

ho ho ho...
and Happy New Year 2008!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

are we there yet?!

Image Hosted by

pre wedding photo shooting on 10th April 2007.

Image Hosted by

solemnization day on 21st April 2007.

Image Hosted by

wedding day on 2nd June 2007.

Image Hosted by

ding dong...... (bell rings!)
we are alredy there!

Saturday, November 24, 2007


i have been away for quite some time, i know. really busy... you know.

work wise, i have completed paediatric posting. four months, i really enjoyed every moment in the department. as the superiors are more willingly allow the houseman to conduct, i learned to be more 'daring' and confidence in managing patients.
and now, im in the medical department. a tough posting, which has major load of patients in the hospital. busy, busy and busy like a bee.

yet i just came back from a course, so called 'induksi', a compulsory course for every public servant after completing one year of service. it is a two-week of classes and 'holiday'. but it was held in a jungle, trolak country resort, a felda-owned resort. two weeks of totally out of civilized world, and without pork... it was really not a good experience.

holiday, and it is a must-have year end event. taiwan is awaiting me... yo! i will be there next month...
so wait for my next update :)

Friday, August 31, 2007



50 years after merdeka, and i am part of it seeing the progress of changes in our country. it is, a day for celebration. and better still, we shall audit ourself for a better tomorrow...

after 50 years of merdeka...

there are still plenty of malaysians who are illiterate. some chinese only know how to communicate in one particular of the rare rare languages, wah lau ehhh! then how am i going to communicate with them. more over, worst still some indians claimed they know malay language. but persistently giving wrong information, asking one thing but they are bring to round the park. so sien....

we achieved tremendous upgrading over the road traffic system. and mat rempit and minah rempit are everywhere. rempit is already bad enough, after langgar belakang orang then masuk hospital. woi... those who are searching for death should just ..... ishk.... i have no idea of the thrills and excitement they can get after 'rempit'ing around. as for long term, it is wasting the resources in saving them for those who are really in need.

once, my lecturer told me 'there are plenty of resources in our country, just petik the daun can make you rich (as in tea plantation), then goreng pisang only also can be a prime minister (as Tun Dr M, of course). so no one in this country should die due to hunger...' this is a statement, but many of our people are just... (dont know what to say lah) a lot of excuses... husband passed away already, then no one jaga the children. so cannot work loh, and need bantuan a.k.a. financial aid. what is this! after all these, it is just being LAZY! and waiting the sky to rain gold to them... heck!

etc... etc...

so, are u merdeka?

Thursday, August 30, 2007

merdeka eve...

mini history test....

how many times did our Tunku abdul rahman shout 'merdeka' in the studium merdeka on the 31st august of 1957?

guess... guess......
fast leh!

correct answer, ahemmmm no gift.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

jacky cheung

here i come for your concert!!!
(with my wifey, of cos)

woahahahahaha...... 14th september, cannot forget one lah!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

post-holiday blues*

wah liao....

i am back to work after 3-day massive holiday, and im having post-holiday blues... help me!!! some more im having oncall today... i think i am kind of like to oncall nowadays, as to learn more other than sleeping, and basically i am bored if not working. not because of workaholic, but i really enjoy the PM off after oncall. and it is just, SO NICE...


im waiting for a case to come, as i was told by my not-so-old nurse one case is admitting to ward. at the meantime i can still 'snake' around... hehehe!

(waiting and waiting, snake here and there...)

shhhhh... haiya the patient is here already, got to ciao :-)

Thursday, August 09, 2007

when i feel bored...

Image Hosted by

how nice if i can just rest my legs, in front of the beach and blue blue sea, under the coconut tree again...


Sunday, August 05, 2007

a day to be remembered...

till now, some of my friends got surprised to know that im married... dey, i thought most of friends knew it long long time already.

and, how can i tell everyone... or it wont be printed on my forehead saying that, 'just married' thingy. cheh!!!


after that long, i finally got myself to scrabble over my old photo stock.

eh, i found these photos...

Image Hosted by

a simple ceremony, where i said "i do...."

wah, where got so romantic one!!!
but, i just did it...

so there i go. officially i am belonged to someone!

aiseh, man....


Image Hosted by

for the first time, mrs Boleh-man met my mum...

mrs Boleh-man: hi...
my mum: hi... chiak liao buey? (sudah makan?)
mrs Boleh-man: chiak liao, very full...
my mum: good, chiak banyak-banyak then.
mrs Boleh-man: tak boleh lah, very fat liao...


Image Hosted by

after all, 'should i marry this guy ah???'



Friday, August 03, 2007

postcall in paeds

postcall, it refers to the day after the oncall. as mentioned before, there is such pm off on the postcall day. it means the person oncall yesterday can just brush one's ass off, and say bye bye to work... for the day, after lunch time.

this is what i enjoy the most in paeds posting...

and i am suppose to have pm off today, from now i can just go home and sleep. wait... what should i do??? i think i have nothing much to do here, if not working.

oh no....

anyway, im still enjoying the privilege of having pm off.
hmmmm, what should i do now? thinking hard now.....

Thursday, August 02, 2007


student life vs no-more-student life...

i think i have been wasting my time, robot-like doing daily work. not even need to stimulate any of the higher center neurons when work. hmmmm... everyday, it will just for completing my jobs. clear the 'rubbish' and selling my voice (to talk to people). that's it! and this is what i have done for the past 9 months.

actually i would prefer to go back to be a student, if i can, just that i have more time to think, and making the further plans. but with no resources, and money. now, though im doing some meaningless and robotical stuffs yet i have the power to voice and get responses from the surrounding people.

what is this all about?

it is just bored with my life....

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


i did my first locum yesterday. a clinic somewhere near my house, in nibong tebal, was offering rm25 per hour for 15 hours of working. heck! i just grabbed it. hehe, im rm375 richer now.

23 july 2007, the day i started my locum. it means from now on i can start earning extra money by doing locum. hey, what is locum? frankly i have no idea what is it stand for, until now.... a person, who subsitutes temporary for another. in simpler words, part-timer for a doctor.

a day leave, which can earn few hundreds. ooohhhh... by calculation, it is very very worthy it seems. i have seen around 80 patients on that day, most of them cough and cold, or some of them for 'MC'. after all, it was easy but long hours of working.

fuiiyooo, i can do locum liao...

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

first oncall in paeds

i just had my first oncall in paeds two days ago. hah! i survived. i was posted at the SCN, which to jaga the newborn babies. can hear the babies crying all the time, and the funny thing is the babies are practicing teamwork. whenever one baby cries, there you go, all of them will just start singing their own version. huh... uneventfully, and non dramatically i spent the whole night with 3 admission, 2 babies for jaundice and 1 who is likely to have some sepsis. then, i slept from 12 till next morning.

the good thing is the oncall person is entitled to have pm off after lunch on the next day. this is so good... so i went back after lunch yesterday, and dont know what to do...

hai, im having oncall again tomorrow...

Friday, July 13, 2007

ahhh... chiuuuu!

ahhhhh........ ahhhh..... chiuuu!!!!

so ambarasing today. i was having a lunch talk by one of the drug companies, and all in suddent i started to sneeze all the way till the end of the talk. heck! i think im sick...

now im feeling some sorethroat, with rhinorrhea.
"doctor, any medication?"

Thursday, July 12, 2007

one day trip to kl

i just came back from kl, was sending a patient of suspecting leukemia to UM hospital for initiating treatment. a doctor is required to accompany the patient, as ordered by my boss. so i was picked to go... sigh! the journey started at around 1030 am, and reached there at 2pm. such an uneventful trip, but tiring... bumpy journey with the noisy engine sound.

and now im having headache...

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


i think i will like paeds more... at current stage, my department has more than enough houseman to work. there are only two wards to cover, a normal ward and SCN (special care for neonates). generally we have around 4 houseman to cover a ward, and i can say it is very luxurious... job can be done faster, and more systematically. it really sounds good!

i am still tagging, my last few days at the normal ward. in ward, it will be less dramatic as compared to the SCN. the age of the patients here are ranging from 1 month old to 12 years old. the problem in paeds is taking blood or setting an intravenous line. as for the older age group patients, it will be easier as the veins are much visible.

for far, i have done two ET (exchange transfusion, aka 'tukar darah'), umbilical artery and vein catheterization, attempted intubate the baby (but failed). ET, something that most of the houseman hate to do especially when oncall. it is indicated for the baby who has severe jaundice, and the procedure takes about two hours to complete, provided uneventful procedure. just sit beside the baby, withdraw and pump in new blood... so boring!

i going to start oncall on next monday.... wish me luck then:- )

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

10 days in paeds

today is my tenth day in paediatrics department. and the stupid thing is, i need to tag for two weeks as the new regulation stating that all houseman are required to tag this long, regardless the seniority. otherwise, all other departments only need to tag for one week for the second poster onwards.

again, I HATE TAGGING! it sounds familiar right, and i said this before around four months ago. what is this? working till 11pm every night, for consecutive 14 days in a row. hey man, it is so tiring...

im counting my days, and it will be 3 more days before i can say "bye bye tagging" till four months from now:- ) aaiiii...

after all, my new department is more relaxing as compared with the previous two. and i can have time to rest, like taking nap, going out for meal or spending time with internet like now... bosses in this department are more like a human, giving freedom to decide for the management even as a houseman. work loads, it will be almost the same with other departments. another plus points are, the weekend off. it means no working day if there is no oncall during the weekend. this is fabulous... absolutely exciting. ahem, few months from now i am going to finish my first year. and i will be a MO soon...


Monday, July 09, 2007


it has been long time, again.... not updating the blog. with the simple reason, just NO TIME to do this.

big news!


after a month plus, it is still nice and joyful to think about it. with change of the status, somehow it is good to address to my friend by saying "my wife". and few of my friends actually dropped in and asked how was the feeling being a married man. hei... it is just the same, i said. hah! isn't it wrong?
i should say, it is the commitment and responsibility...

few frequent asked questions from my friends:
like "why so fast to get married?" hai, ITS TIME NOW :- )
"why didn't invite me?" family members, small ceremony only mah.
"who is your wife?" please look at the pics!

so, i am no more SINGLE.....

Saturday, June 30, 2007

bye bye, surgery...

just four months, and done!

woahahahah!!! im going to my third posting soon, and it will be paediatrics department. playing with the small kids, listening to their cry, and making myself looking more child-loving face... what! lau eh...

dear, i will tell you whether i like paeds or not four months later... wait lah:- )

Saturday, April 21, 2007

second annoucement

hahZ! im going to get married today.

the event will be starting at 230pm, at the klang hokkien association. i think it should be a small, uneventful and no-nonsence stuff... better be serious yor.
anywayim in kl now, in my wife's office, using her computer and typing this stupid essay... and yet not sleeping in this wee hour. nope, it is not due to the over-excitement and making me insomnia, but my wife is working at midnight shift. so im 'teman'ing her till 6am. hai.... i have been awake for more than 16 hours liao. die lah!!!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

first announcement

it has been loooong time for not updating the blog. hai... busy with hectic schedule, and managing something which very meaningful.

it is time to update....

first announcement, mr and mrs Boleh-man are getting married:- )
after year(s) of courtship, we finally going to tie the knot. it means, no more spending money recklessly, no more going out with girls and flirt with them, no more many moressss.... but what i get back, i have a wife. bravoooo!

short notice: we are going for registration on the coming saturday, 21st of april, at somewhere near klang.
hai, the reason for choosing that place is because mrs Boleh-man wants to eat the Bak-kut-teh before the GRAND event. haiyoooyoooo...

then the big day will be on the 2nd of june. the dinner will be served on the 26th of may, at port dickson.

ok then, now we shall be waiting for the photos....

yet, i still need to work.
by the way, my beloved proton-Boleh car was kena kissed at the ass today. shit!!! to make it clear, it wasnt, again WASNT totally my fault at all. the make the story short, i was driving back to hometown after work. straight road and in a sudden the cars in front of me hit the break, and i followed lor. so malang that the car behind me tak sempat. BANG! gua kena kissed lor... the damage, minor scratch at the bumper and some dislocation. i got paid with rm200, then the case settled.
the conclusion, i need to mandi bunga. so malang one:-(
shit, shit, shittt!!!

Saturday, March 10, 2007


TAGGING, in medical it means no life and just work like a dog! somehow everyone of us need to undergo the tagging period to be so-called competent for starting on-call. bullshit!

just to make the story short, all doctors must tag for certain period. as for houseman, like me, i need to tag for around one week everytime when i join in a new posting. no break in between, and just work.

i had it enough. more than 18 hours of working a day, for seven days in a row. what is life! it just drained out the energy and mental power. after all, i finished my surgical tagging on wednesday. yahoooo!

now im having my normal life.

1. can go back after 5pm
2. do on-call, and earn rm100 for each call
3. can take leave
4. many more.....


Wednesday, February 28, 2007

i will be back!

hah, i finished my 4-month stint at O&G.

that's it.....
and i will be back:- )

surgery, here i come.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

parit buntar

i feel like useless, because im too free.
so i went around my hometown with my small camera. snap here and there...

the landmark of parit buntar - the clock tower. at last the clock is functioning now after being abandon for many many year without maintenance. look! they (the majlis people) even repainted the tower. previously it was in pink. it looks better now...

Image Hosted by

the river bank, so called the recreation park in my town. the opposite land is belonged to kedah, just for your infomation.

Image Hosted by

and the tanglungs in my house.

Image Hosted by

happy chinese new year :- )

'serious' pic....

im so free during my loooooong break....
and i decided to korek-korek my digital photo albums, to offload some of the useless junks. hah! i got this photo of myself.

Image Hosted by

it was already 6 months i graduated, and nearly four months of working experience. what the heck! i still feel like dont know anything...


but one thing for sure, im 'kumpul'ing money for my BIGGIE day.
for you, mrs Boleh-man...

Monday, February 19, 2007

funny pic...

my face being punched and smacked... heavily

Image Hosted by



Sunday, February 18, 2007

happy chinese new year!!!


Image Hosted by

something that very different from my olden days (not long ago) when i was still a student, i got to study for the professional exams during these joyful days. and of course no holiday for me.
now, haha! no more student for me, no more night-oil burning during the festive sesson. and im getting salary now... 'tai kor chai lorrr', in translation: being big kid already :- )

Image Hosted by

how can i miss the 'lou shang' event?
mix and mix, twist here and there. but we didnt finish the food.....

after all, 'ang pau' mesti mali kasi....

Image Hosted by

so, mana 'ang pau' gua???

Saturday, February 17, 2007


a.k.a. cheap laborer

i have been working for nearly four months, and im still learning and adapting to survive for these long working hours and all-time-alertness experience. as for sure, i 'nearly' survive in the so-called hardest and traumatising posting - obstetrics and gynaecology. hah! i have to work for another four more days, then there i go.... off from my first posting... cool man!

something that i learned from my short experience in working.... the attitude, it is something which everyone has to have. with the right attitude, one will get the confidence and trust from the bosses. then one will get easier life after that. it is not easy to realise that, but just to keep on remind oneself to carry with the attitude.

ability to learn, and identifying the mistake. i think all bosses know the limit from the houseman, especially the juniors one. because they have had gone thru the same period as i am now. so just dont be affraid to make mistake, and to show the ability to learn from it.

during my first few days of life as a houseman, one of the most 'garang' specialist said something to a friend of mine (who just joined almost at the same time as me) and i when doing the labour room round, she mentioned "how to rely on you all for the upcoming months as you all are hopeless..."
oish.... it hurts man.
things changed after that... and now she is comfortable with two of us. it is something which unable to describe by words, a feeling that satisfaction and delighted as the adaptation of myself to my work. that was the time when i started feeling easier at work. people are giving more trust and confidence of what have done. and of course i am getting less scolding till now...

ok! i think i survived in O&G.
*crossed my fingers, if no big accident during my last four days of working...

Thursday, February 08, 2007

long time no see....

after three month plus of being a houseman... IM STILL SURVIVING!

i realise, and agree;
"with more power, come with great responsibility"don't you think so...

will be back ;- )