Sunday, August 05, 2007

a day to be remembered...

till now, some of my friends got surprised to know that im married... dey, i thought most of friends knew it long long time already.

and, how can i tell everyone... or it wont be printed on my forehead saying that, 'just married' thingy. cheh!!!


after that long, i finally got myself to scrabble over my old photo stock.

eh, i found these photos...

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a simple ceremony, where i said "i do...."

wah, where got so romantic one!!!
but, i just did it...

so there i go. officially i am belonged to someone!

aiseh, man....


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for the first time, mrs Boleh-man met my mum...

mrs Boleh-man: hi...
my mum: hi... chiak liao buey? (sudah makan?)
mrs Boleh-man: chiak liao, very full...
my mum: good, chiak banyak-banyak then.
mrs Boleh-man: tak boleh lah, very fat liao...


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after all, 'should i marry this guy ah???'



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