Thursday, August 02, 2007


student life vs no-more-student life...

i think i have been wasting my time, robot-like doing daily work. not even need to stimulate any of the higher center neurons when work. hmmmm... everyday, it will just for completing my jobs. clear the 'rubbish' and selling my voice (to talk to people). that's it! and this is what i have done for the past 9 months.

actually i would prefer to go back to be a student, if i can, just that i have more time to think, and making the further plans. but with no resources, and money. now, though im doing some meaningless and robotical stuffs yet i have the power to voice and get responses from the surrounding people.

what is this all about?

it is just bored with my life....

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Anonymous said...

Bored in your life? You should be happy as you have me as your LOVELY wife !!