Wednesday, September 20, 2006

all about kids...

but not mine!

i found few more photos in my hard disk while trying to clean it, too many junks inside. im expecting to have at least 3 gigs of pictures after i come back from hongkong trip. whaooooooo..... hmmm, will i have time to process them???

anyway, these are not my darling's photos (dont get angry again, darling!)

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how to introduce her???? someone lah.... u know, i know!

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he is getting more and more 'keh poh'!
look! he was trying to guess his bra size...pengsan...

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

my version of lilies

i didnt shoot much lately...
one day, i had some programme at the centre of kl (somewhere near the Bank Negara) i decided to walk around the Orchid garden.

after a not-so-short journey, i reached to the gate. foooolamak... its free of charge man! on the weekdays, but need to pay rm1 during weekends. so i save one buck, and slowly (and tiredly) walked up a small hill before reaching to the real destination.

orchids... and hibiscus...

i went straight to the ponds. click... click.... and clicks....

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only lilies!!!!
i didnt have chance and time to shoot others. the reason being my beloved was waiting for me (as she was my driver on that day!) sigh...

so, i will come again. next time!

Monday, September 18, 2006

back again!

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hah! mrs Boleh-man got furious because i didnt post her photo for quite some time already, insteed other non-relevant photos... but, but, but....

i just came back from KayEal few days ago. now i have to finish packing my stuffs for traveling (dude, im going to hongkong on the coming sunday!), furthermore i need to fix my penang house before leaving oversea. i need to buy a wardrobe and a washing machine, then to unpack my stuffs (like books and clothes). sien....

Thursday, September 07, 2006

leaving on a jet plane (opsss, a bus!!!)

after finished packing my stuff, im ready to leave... on a bus.
hmmmm, im thinking of an old song. the title is "leaving on a jet plane", and remembered it from a scene on the famous movie "armagedon", when the hero was leaving to the space ship. he sang it to his beloved. cool....

here it goes...

'Cause I'm leaving on a jet plane
I don't know when I'll be back again
Oh, babe, I hate to go

but, im leaving to meet you... darling :- )

Wednesday, September 06, 2006



i have found the accomodation in hongkong! Joy guesthouse, it is situated at kowloon. and it is very near to those famous streets, like apliu street, mongkok and ladies' street. now, i need to work out for the schedule in hongkong pulak.... where to go???

anyway, see you tomorrow darling :- )

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

old ones...

after looking through my old photos in my computer and from my online photo gallery, i noticed to forget showing my own photo for my convocation magazine. the reason, i was too busy at that moment... all sort of reasons! damned!!!
anyway here i am, with two of my housemates (junvui and engming).

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the rest, 'orang-orang besar' who did contribute for the "birth" of the convocation magazine. anyway, i think i contributed the smallest part. yet, they showed most of my products in it.

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with me, and without me....

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by the way, we all need to pay RM40 for it!

some pics...

it was just too lazy to process the photos... after two weeks from my convocation (ya, i graduated already!), they (the photos) were still inside the memory card. how come???

finally, i dragged myself to process them. these are a few that i managed to show, as appetizer...

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i would like to start with self potraits, since it was supposed to be my "big" day. for your infomation, i have hundreds of photos to choose, all are snapshots during the event. hai, i shall work harder to post process them. *sweat......*

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thank you darling, for your flowers.
ehmmm, were them sunflowers or chrysanthemum flowers????

Monday, September 04, 2006

sakit 'orang tua'

as a sign when getting old, everyone will experience the pain over the parts of the body. no one, again no one, can escape this scenario. then, when is the cut-off point to be considered as "old" enough? i dont know....

but... i think i am :- (

i have been having some sort of persistent creeping pain under my skin over the neck and shoulders for the past three days. not the first time though. hai... my head got to be static at looking front and neutral position. any turning, it will be like a 'robotic'-movement type. painful man... and uneasy for the whole period. sit cannot, sleep also cannot, loss of apetite and even shit also a problem...
oh my God... let me die, fast!

dont ask me how did i get it, i dont know! all in a sudden, in a beautiful mid-sunny day. and i wasnt doing anything at that time. pooop! i got the pain... so chemical. i think i need to get it repaired, soooon... hehe

Friday, September 01, 2006

penang, wa lai liao...

pengsan.... after i saw my penang house two days ago.

so dirty! wah lao eh... almost two year of vacancy, the house was just hibernating soundly, and peacefully. we all almost forgot about the house, and there was no one even been there to clean up. what a mess!!!

i could see my foot prints in every step i took, cool... there was a bird nest at the window, the 'liao kor' married couple were happily making their home in my house. shit!!! every single square inch in my house was unclean... i should have taken a photo of before and after the cleaning, hai too late...

i have to go to penang again today. to pay bills, maintenance fee and to get a car sticker. and of course to continue cleaning the house, part 2. it will be never ending. should i just hire a cleaner to clear the mess??? sien...