Monday, September 04, 2006

sakit 'orang tua'

as a sign when getting old, everyone will experience the pain over the parts of the body. no one, again no one, can escape this scenario. then, when is the cut-off point to be considered as "old" enough? i dont know....

but... i think i am :- (

i have been having some sort of persistent creeping pain under my skin over the neck and shoulders for the past three days. not the first time though. hai... my head got to be static at looking front and neutral position. any turning, it will be like a 'robotic'-movement type. painful man... and uneasy for the whole period. sit cannot, sleep also cannot, loss of apetite and even shit also a problem...
oh my God... let me die, fast!

dont ask me how did i get it, i dont know! all in a sudden, in a beautiful mid-sunny day. and i wasnt doing anything at that time. pooop! i got the pain... so chemical. i think i need to get it repaired, soooon... hehe

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Anonymous said...

Mr.Boleh Man, I think you are recovered now, as you can eat one bowl of char keow teow, one bowl wan tan mee, 2 pieces of taofu, one bowl of hokkian mee and one big glass of drink yesterday night. I am sure you are very very OK now right? Am I right?