Saturday, August 29, 2009

1Malaysia vs 15Malaysia(s)

its so quiet lately.
there are so little flags flying out there, no major event or celebration or fireworks is going to happen on the eve, and i really miss the meaningful advertisements from TV for Merdeka.

we have,
a brand new concept of 1Malaysia with only 40minutes parade during the Merdeka day, reason being H1N1 crisis and the financial crisis resulted from the global economy recession complicated by the H1N1 crisis.
15 shot movies from our 15 local-made directors with 15 different Malaysia's stories. all, a brand-new concept of addressing Malaysia cultures in a more comedy, hilarious method.

a quiet Merdeka Day.
only can get good laughs from the 15Malaysia short movies.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

My BolehBoy @ 4 months old

so sorry for not updating recently.

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my little prince is getting more active now.

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on his developmental progress, his neck support is getting stronger now. the primitive reflexes are absent now. his palmar grasp is more maturing now with able outreaching for objects.

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he cries even louder now, with many other 'alien' unrecognizable sounds. "eehh,, aahhh, eiyyy..."