Sunday, October 11, 2009

Hospital Slim River

my hospital...

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sorry for the distortion, as im new in Photoshop CS4 and still figuring out the distortion correction.

i 'see', i 'shoot', i 'Photoshop'!!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Final round!

it is just like Taiwanese-dramas, long-windedly and as if never-ending till the finale of story after many many (lost count) episodes. our side 'punya' soap-drama, involving that two post-middle-aged 'taiko' (or big boss!) were fighting for their own agendas...

one got sacked, then reverted and lessen the punishment to suspension, who reluctant to retire from his post.
one got involved in ?corruption(s), and possible is facing some political pressure from others... who stood firm on his words and actions, but speaking too loud.

who is going to stay???

my prediction, the latter will stay and win this battle (but not gracefully), then will announce stepping down later (after many many months). the former, back to square one by not gaining or losing anything.

we shall see...

Final round, FIGHT!!!

Thursday, October 08, 2009

New toy...

frankly, i seldom play with my camera. all the camera equipments are just stored nicely inside the drybox, sitting there quietly for display only. how leh??? my 48-liter dehumidifier box is running out of space, lenses and other stuffs are keeping on growing in numbers. but i have no time even polishing them, playing with them and molesting them.

out of no where, i saw this gem in the used market!
it is a Nikon FM3a, a legendary film based (old school) camera.

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bah!!! without second thought i met the seller and get my hand onto this old, antic but mint beast.

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the damage, it cost me few hundreds Ringgit! me, i feel it was a good bargain. secretly telling you, it is actually cost more than a thousand plus at current market. furthermore, this is so mint, and it is fully functional!

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it is coupled with a lens, an old 'ais' type. by looking at its superficial, i believe that lens is older than me, and it got suffered from 'Gulf war' or something similar. who cares about its cosmetic... hey, it is clean and fungus-free inside. more importantly it is still alive and kicking, fully functional. IT IS FREE!

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WAHLAAH!!! it is just like a new camera. kilat, kilat... (shinning!) licin, licin... (smooth!) and so clean!

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i just can't wait to run films onto it.
wait lah, im going to get the films soon!