Saturday, October 10, 2009

Final round!

it is just like Taiwanese-dramas, long-windedly and as if never-ending till the finale of story after many many (lost count) episodes. our side 'punya' soap-drama, involving that two post-middle-aged 'taiko' (or big boss!) were fighting for their own agendas...

one got sacked, then reverted and lessen the punishment to suspension, who reluctant to retire from his post.
one got involved in ?corruption(s), and possible is facing some political pressure from others... who stood firm on his words and actions, but speaking too loud.

who is going to stay???

my prediction, the latter will stay and win this battle (but not gracefully), then will announce stepping down later (after many many months). the former, back to square one by not gaining or losing anything.

we shall see...

Final round, FIGHT!!!

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