Thursday, June 29, 2006

"ren qing wei"...

sick, is far from my thoughts now...
healthy and bright sunshine are just in front of me :-)

i was playing sick-role for many days. started with lying on the bed, calling out helplessly (yet no one help me....). with muscle pain here and there, most painful moment in my life. as if like after took many shots of liquor, mabuk whole day and continuously for the next few days... it was terrible!!!!

no doubt it was not a pleasant experience for me!

over this period, however, i experienced the warmest regards from people around me. someone will call me and give me her spiritual supports when i needed it the most. words of motivation, encouragements and loves that cured my hunger soul... my family and my friends too. "ren qing wei", something which people tends to miss it for whatsoever reasons. but i had all these while i was down. it is like a bonus in a bad luck situation...

thanks to mrs Boleh-man, and everyone :-)

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

bad luck...

hai, why am i so bad luck one....
initially i was thinking im getting better, with less fever and muscle pain, it should be alright for me. bah! my next-room housemate was just admitted to the ward yesterday night for dengue.

what the heck!!!

he got sick 3-4 days before me. i was joking with him about dengue before i got sick too. he noticed to have some rashes over his upper limbs yesterday, thus he went to the A&E department. his platelet level showed 50 plus (way too low) and he kena tahan ward. poor guy...

me... my today's result is 112 for platelet count. it is getting lower and lower, bad sign. tentatively i can say im having dengue also. i have to repeat the test tomorrow, if it is less than 100 then i will have to admit. shit!!!

now, all depends on my immune system. if they are strong enough to fight for me, otherwise 'jia lat' lorrrr....

Monday, June 26, 2006

im sick.....

oh my god... i have been sleeping most of the time for the past two days. with high grade fever, chills and rigors, muscle pain, retro-orbital pain, nausea and lethargy. practically i feel like dying....

what is my problem?
im having viral fever. to rule out dengue. woooo, it sounds scary...
anyway i had a blood test done in hospital just now, my platelet count was 154 (at low normal level). the doctor in-charge requested me to repeat the test on tuesday. if the platelet level shows decreasing in trend, bad news then... its dengue.

hai, why am i so bad luck one....

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

do u blog?

why do people blog?
for some, it is a good medium for them to stay anonymous and to show off their ability and capability to bombard/shrew/wreck anyone. it sounds like a coward's act....
others, it is a diary basically. but more to that is worldwide publication, hence there is no more secret. however some of them do really enjoying sharing their private life to others, who knows???
as for me, im doing it just for my love one.... no other reasons.

enough said. (fullstop)

for long time, i would like to express myself in order to let other people to understand me. somehow, im not really that type of person well enough to mask myself truly to others. in other words, people seem like dont really understand me! any problem with my personality? maybe....
the solution, i use my words to prove me right.

i dont know how many of you all have read or still reading my ranting (did i?)... but i hope somehow you will get to know me better. get the point???
yet it does entertain your day after reading them :-) i wish...

the most important one, still is my mrs Boleh-man...
these all are just for you.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

18SX joke....

real story....
it was a joke and actually happened four months ago, however my group members just brought it up again today. just reminded me, we actually can learn something from it...

to start with, abit of science teaching...
the enterobacter is supposed a bacteria commonly found in the intestine, i.e. small/big intestine, rectum and anal region. there was an incidence where two female students (yes, they are girls...) were found to have enterobacter (the bacteria...) in the oral cavity during one of the screening tests.
does it ring your bell????
hmmmmm... what is the connection between it???

in my not-so-rocket-science analysis, ehemmmmm. it sounds like someone put 'something' into the 'downthere', then the girl put her mouth into the 'something'. and it just happened that both of them did the same thing. bingo!!! does it make sense????

the moral of the story - never mix it!!! (get what i mean???) woahahahahah....
sorry, with no offence to the two girls...

anyway, the story is real but not my hypothesis. cheers :-)

Monday, June 19, 2006


for the past few days and upcoming many days, i will be very busy with my portfolios writting. these all are just full of bullshits. just so crappy that i have to finish all the 14 portfolios in order to pass the final viva. at the end, i will be justified just based on my write-ups. holllyyyy shit!!!!!

hai, whatever...........

these are another round of photos, of my friends again. i selected and edited, at last, after many days. well, i was just too lazy to do it....

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

out of your curiosity, one of my friends was the Miss "dont-know-what" chinese beuty-queen 2nd runner-up not so long ago. (it is a quite prestige beuty contest in malaysia k) cheers :-)

mr Boleh-man is still disappearing from the photo :-)

to my dad...

happy father's day.
i really hope that you can be able to hear this...

all these while, you were the one to encourage me to take up the subject/interest that i want. you were the one who supported me, guided me to the right tract. we shared the happiness and the sad moments together. you, together with mum, complete the value of family in my heart...
after uncountable days, with hopes of miracle, i still wish that i can see you awake from your looong 'sleep'.

dad... it hurts whenever i think of you:- (

what does family mean to you?
to me, "Father And Mother I Love You....."

Sunday, June 18, 2006


heck! i think i have been spending too much time doing unnecessary, not-so-important things....



i need more time.... precious time, please.
why ah why am i so lazzzzy....

Saturday, June 17, 2006


isnt it handsome?
as the name, in chinese means "lengchai" leh... no, it should be "leng guai". ahahaha...

Image Hosted by

spot the differences of these two lovely "guai kong" :-)

Friday, June 16, 2006


"i have new name... i am yanyan!"

Image Hosted by

after had dinner with lettuce, i took "him" out for 'a walk'. observe at his right mouth angle, still got the residual from his dinner.
how adorable... :-)

Thursday, June 15, 2006

my new love...

i spent hours in a pet shop today, i was attracted by... (not the salesgirl!!) but the tortoises.

india star tortoises...

ouch!!! *mrs Boleh-man knocked my head*
i have been seeing it for quite some time already, especially at the high-end, expensive-looked pet shops. as it is an endangered species, sort of illegal to sell it. however after some not-so-extensive net search, this species is mostly breed in-house. it is hard to get the wild tortoise nowadays. after further confirmation with the shop-keeper, it is not a criminal to keep this as pet. fuiyooo... *wipe my sweat*
since it is so "rare", it comes with a huge price tag! i was scared away most of the time with the tag previously. hai, this time... i couldnt resist the temptation. once i saw it again, i fall in love.... to it.
the devil in myself was fighting... urging me to buy them.

think, think, think... looked here and there...

finally... (after getting approval from mrs Boleh-man)
i managed to bargain for cheaper price, from rm80 to rm68 each. wah! it is a huge amount for a pet (not really, its pets actually..) heck! i just bought it!!! (a pair, actually...) my friend, chay, also got himself a pair.

woahahahaha! i have new occupants in my room now. im waiting for mrs Boleh-man to name them...

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

yet another colicky intestine...:-(

urg... i have tummy pain again!
im having diarrhea again, the second time in less than one week. what the shit! another unhygienic food store from batu pahat. should have banned the shop next time!


mau "pang sai" again :- (
*after 5 minutes*
wooo, such a relieve after offloading some of the "sai". but but the tummy is still very painful... its time for the 'minyak cap kapak' to do some miracle job as a pain reliever.
hai, no more "poh cai yun"... *sad face*

the passion of


"since when do i like/involve in photography?" many of my friends asked this question to me. to them, i dont look like a photographer, neither will like photography. haha!!!
to my surprice too... i couldnt imagine i will get involve into it, so deeply. though im not really a pro, shooting (photograph) is just my passion. mainly for fun, to capture some once-in-a-life-time images...

here are another series of my batch's photos...

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

where is my own one? hmmm......

Monday, June 12, 2006

many 'lengchai's and 'lenglui's

wooo... my day started with some 'thunderstorm' today...
zzzsss... zzzsss.... first question i was asked by mrs Boleh-man, "who was the one i called two days ago?". fuiyooo... she sounded quite angry leh...
it was mrs Boleh-man's mother lah. stay cool and calm... ("ho cai"... sweating...)
no other girls, ok!

hmmm, what did i do today?
i donated blood (again!!!), for the 37th time. is it considered a lot??? ehhh, i saw many of them got more than 50 times leh. those are the heroes.
counting back, i have been donating blood for the past nine years. if you are wondering whether painful for a large-bore needle to be poked in one's arm; ehhh... there is local anaesthesia lah. i can put it as if like an ant bite, small one. hehehe...

then i became the photographer for my batch's convocation magazine. (being forced, with no pay.) with my limited ability and knowledge in shooting, hai... i helped them. (not a pro yet mah...)
these are the first batch of photos, i will have another session tomorrow. and i will show more 'lengchai's and 'lenglui's, wait ah...

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

hey... they are future 'loctor's, dont pray-pray!!!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

dua bulan lagi!

time flies....

too fast! almost a year ago, i was asked by someone how long more i will graduate. "more than a year to go", it was my answer that time. in my mind, i was thinking 'hai, why so slow leh....'. then, i was asked the same question again from the same one yesterday when i called her after long long time didnt chat with her.
it rang my bell... *ring.....
hey i have two more months to finish. why so fast!!! out of sudden, i really felt the pressure and the urgency with my limited time. to be frank, i havent really adventure the whole batu pahat town, and it was already 4 months over here. yet, i feel as if it was just overnight period of time. what the heck!!! what did i do so far???
sh*t! how to turn back time... how i wish :-(

heck! a few timelines to be reminded:
7th of july will be mrs Boleh-man's D-day, her SAP's exam. 10th of july will be the world cup final (cant miss it one!!!). 7-10 of august will be my D-day, my ultimate final viva... and 19th of august (to be confirmed) should be my graduation ceremony!

but, before ending my chapter in batu pahat i have to finish many write-ups, reports etc... i have to face the song, with no choice. hey dude, (i) have to buck up and face the pressure...
i think my adrenaline level is getting higher, hah!

Saturday, June 10, 2006

world cup fever!!!

do u think all guys should know about football?

football mania, crazy about the round thingy and 23 monkeys (dont forget the one with the whistle, black-monkey. plus two more, small ones are watching cheerfully at the sideline) are chasing for it for dono what reason... are u really sure this is the game in which many people will be getting crazy especially during the world cup. haiyo.... how come leh???

back to the question, i think most guys like it. for example, two out of three in my house loooove football (majority leh!!). we can even sacrifice our precious tidur time in order to glue ourself in front of the "kotak empat segi". but then... the one (odd one) once awhile will 'shout' at us to reduce our volume... shame to mention it, mainly my voice larrr. Boleh-man mah... why not leh???

do u think it is sinful to watch football? SIN!!! no way...

ole! ole! ole... a match a day, keeps the doctors away *waohahahaha*

not good, not good......

colicky intestine...


i had very bad diarrhea yesterday. got to get up three times to purge, what the sh*t!


hai... it must be the dinner i took, some pork serving i think. i was purging until can feel the burning sensation on my anus. not a good feeling though... anyhow it was good to clean up my intestine, once awhile. somemore can loose a few "kgs", if possible.

oh my God!!!!
got to find my "poh cai yun" to cure... hehehe

Saturday, June 03, 2006

my angel...line

Image Hosted by

i miss you so muchhh.... :- (

just wish to say....

Image Hosted by

my dear mrs Boleh-man,
"im so happy whenever im with you... you bring me joys, hopes and miracles to cure my heart and soul.
you light up my life and you will always be my darling angeline..."

mr Boleh-man

Thursday, June 01, 2006

mrs Boleh-man...

finally i have some free time, at least after three days of hard work...

Image Hosted by

i decided to edit some of the photos that i have taken during the last outing with mrs Boleh-man. (no time mar...)

Image Hosted by

with so limited time and space of shooting, not many of shots i could take. hai, you know lar... mrs Boleh-man was so eager to watch movie. we ended up to watch the 'poseidon', and only managed to squeeze less than half an hour for the shooting... these are the 'products'... to share.

Image Hosted by

"sui sui" lady was waiting for the victim... (me lor... im her victim!)
it was just impromptu for shooting. these shots were taken at the mini-park in the one utama, damansara.

Image Hosted by

since i sold one of my lenses, i left only one lens with me. a cheapo nikon 50mm f1.8 hai... it needs some magic touch to life up the pictures.
what do you think??? got life or not???

Image Hosted by

i was more active in photography last time when i was in seremban, more happenning over there. here, i dont really have any friends who are so 'into' it. sort of stop shooting for months already... until my camera got dust superficially. kesian...

Image Hosted by

yet another 'sui sui char boh'.... anyone has doubt on this fact?!

Image Hosted by

i think i should teach mrs Boleh-man to operate my camera next time... a least she can enjoy at the same hobby as i am.
but how come there is no photo of mr and mrs Boleh-man??? good question...

Image Hosted by

hope you (mrs Boleh-man) enjoyed on the outing... and the photos...