Sunday, June 11, 2006

dua bulan lagi!

time flies....

too fast! almost a year ago, i was asked by someone how long more i will graduate. "more than a year to go", it was my answer that time. in my mind, i was thinking 'hai, why so slow leh....'. then, i was asked the same question again from the same one yesterday when i called her after long long time didnt chat with her.
it rang my bell... *ring.....
hey i have two more months to finish. why so fast!!! out of sudden, i really felt the pressure and the urgency with my limited time. to be frank, i havent really adventure the whole batu pahat town, and it was already 4 months over here. yet, i feel as if it was just overnight period of time. what the heck!!! what did i do so far???
sh*t! how to turn back time... how i wish :-(

heck! a few timelines to be reminded:
7th of july will be mrs Boleh-man's D-day, her SAP's exam. 10th of july will be the world cup final (cant miss it one!!!). 7-10 of august will be my D-day, my ultimate final viva... and 19th of august (to be confirmed) should be my graduation ceremony!

but, before ending my chapter in batu pahat i have to finish many write-ups, reports etc... i have to face the song, with no choice. hey dude, (i) have to buck up and face the pressure...
i think my adrenaline level is getting higher, hah!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mr.Boleh Man, very good morning to you. Nothing much just want to know who is the girl you called yesterday ? :)