Wednesday, June 14, 2006

yet another colicky intestine...:-(

urg... i have tummy pain again!
im having diarrhea again, the second time in less than one week. what the shit! another unhygienic food store from batu pahat. should have banned the shop next time!


mau "pang sai" again :- (
*after 5 minutes*
wooo, such a relieve after offloading some of the "sai". but but the tummy is still very painful... its time for the 'minyak cap kapak' to do some miracle job as a pain reliever.
hai, no more "poh cai yun"... *sad face*

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Mrs. Boleh Man said...

Wao !!Sound so lousy...please dun describe all this "WORD" thru web and public it ....em...really...