Sunday, January 11, 2009

Money, money, money...

many don't understand, neither i am, why do the rich people are getting richer? what do they have, any special ability, that we all are lacking of? we, the poorer category, need to work for hours, saving every cents, just for that little income! why???

how to be a millionaire?

eh... i have a simple formula here. if you start saving RM1400 every month in to the fixed deposit account, with the annual interest of 5%, after 40 years, your accumulated saving will be RM1400 X (1 + 5%) X 40 = RM 169,000.00 that's it.


if you invest into any of the potential investments, like share market, properties... with the same amount, the return will be around 20% annually. after the same period, how much do you think you will get? the answer is, you are a millionaire! or a billionaire!

from this story, someone needs to be more flexible, and able to accommodate in any situation to invest. everyone must learn how to invest, no matter what, either as a conservative type or an aggressive one. how to manage your resources, this is the key point of success...

as Malay proverb says, "sikit-sikit, lama-lama jadi bukit... EMAS!"
YOU must start now!

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Friday, January 09, 2009

"Doctor, please let me die..."

few days ago i was called to attend a case at the casualty department. a 60-year-old Chinese guy was gasping for air, he looked so hard to take every breathe. of his limitation of breathing, he was still trying so hard to talk to me.

"doctor, i need water..."
"doctor, i am very hungry..."

after making fast examination, i called upon his family members for further information of his previous condition. aiyaaa, he has been such for very very long time. and he got admitted to few hospitals for similar presentation, he got collapse a few times also.

he has very severe lung problem, in short at terminal stage.

the patient already knew his condition. after few episode of miracles, revived after collapse. he has lose the hope. with his last few breathe, he told me...

"doctor, please let me die..."

sad to say this. and his only daughter was sobbing to see his condition. so unwillingly to accept the option, yet so sorry to see his worsening condition.
they agreed for not active management on him, they opted not for intubation, nor performing CPR on him.

on the next day, he finally took his last breathe. a peaceful ending for him, freedom from his torment, a solution to his family members.