Saturday, June 10, 2006

world cup fever!!!

do u think all guys should know about football?

football mania, crazy about the round thingy and 23 monkeys (dont forget the one with the whistle, black-monkey. plus two more, small ones are watching cheerfully at the sideline) are chasing for it for dono what reason... are u really sure this is the game in which many people will be getting crazy especially during the world cup. haiyo.... how come leh???

back to the question, i think most guys like it. for example, two out of three in my house loooove football (majority leh!!). we can even sacrifice our precious tidur time in order to glue ourself in front of the "kotak empat segi". but then... the one (odd one) once awhile will 'shout' at us to reduce our volume... shame to mention it, mainly my voice larrr. Boleh-man mah... why not leh???

do u think it is sinful to watch football? SIN!!! no way...

ole! ole! ole... a match a day, keeps the doctors away *waohahahaha*

not good, not good......

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