Tuesday, July 24, 2007


i did my first locum yesterday. a clinic somewhere near my house, in nibong tebal, was offering rm25 per hour for 15 hours of working. heck! i just grabbed it. hehe, im rm375 richer now.

23 july 2007, the day i started my locum. it means from now on i can start earning extra money by doing locum. hey, what is locum? frankly i have no idea what is it stand for, until now.... a person, who subsitutes temporary for another. in simpler words, part-timer for a doctor.

a day leave, which can earn few hundreds. ooohhhh... by calculation, it is very very worthy it seems. i have seen around 80 patients on that day, most of them cough and cold, or some of them for 'MC'. after all, it was easy but long hours of working.

fuiiyooo, i can do locum liao...

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