Monday, July 09, 2007


it has been long time, again.... not updating the blog. with the simple reason, just NO TIME to do this.

big news!


after a month plus, it is still nice and joyful to think about it. with change of the status, somehow it is good to address to my friend by saying "my wife". and few of my friends actually dropped in and asked how was the feeling being a married man. hei... it is just the same, i said. hah! isn't it wrong?
i should say, it is the commitment and responsibility...

few frequent asked questions from my friends:
like "why so fast to get married?" hai, ITS TIME NOW :- )
"why didn't invite me?" family members, small ceremony only mah.
"who is your wife?" please look at the pics!

so, i am no more SINGLE.....

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