Saturday, November 24, 2007


i have been away for quite some time, i know. really busy... you know.

work wise, i have completed paediatric posting. four months, i really enjoyed every moment in the department. as the superiors are more willingly allow the houseman to conduct, i learned to be more 'daring' and confidence in managing patients.
and now, im in the medical department. a tough posting, which has major load of patients in the hospital. busy, busy and busy like a bee.

yet i just came back from a course, so called 'induksi', a compulsory course for every public servant after completing one year of service. it is a two-week of classes and 'holiday'. but it was held in a jungle, trolak country resort, a felda-owned resort. two weeks of totally out of civilized world, and without pork... it was really not a good experience.

holiday, and it is a must-have year end event. taiwan is awaiting me... yo! i will be there next month...
so wait for my next update :)

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