Saturday, April 14, 2007

first announcement

it has been loooong time for not updating the blog. hai... busy with hectic schedule, and managing something which very meaningful.

it is time to update....

first announcement, mr and mrs Boleh-man are getting married:- )
after year(s) of courtship, we finally going to tie the knot. it means, no more spending money recklessly, no more going out with girls and flirt with them, no more many moressss.... but what i get back, i have a wife. bravoooo!

short notice: we are going for registration on the coming saturday, 21st of april, at somewhere near klang.
hai, the reason for choosing that place is because mrs Boleh-man wants to eat the Bak-kut-teh before the GRAND event. haiyoooyoooo...

then the big day will be on the 2nd of june. the dinner will be served on the 26th of may, at port dickson.

ok then, now we shall be waiting for the photos....

yet, i still need to work.
by the way, my beloved proton-Boleh car was kena kissed at the ass today. shit!!! to make it clear, it wasnt, again WASNT totally my fault at all. the make the story short, i was driving back to hometown after work. straight road and in a sudden the cars in front of me hit the break, and i followed lor. so malang that the car behind me tak sempat. BANG! gua kena kissed lor... the damage, minor scratch at the bumper and some dislocation. i got paid with rm200, then the case settled.
the conclusion, i need to mandi bunga. so malang one:-(
shit, shit, shittt!!!

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