Saturday, February 17, 2007


a.k.a. cheap laborer

i have been working for nearly four months, and im still learning and adapting to survive for these long working hours and all-time-alertness experience. as for sure, i 'nearly' survive in the so-called hardest and traumatising posting - obstetrics and gynaecology. hah! i have to work for another four more days, then there i go.... off from my first posting... cool man!

something that i learned from my short experience in working.... the attitude, it is something which everyone has to have. with the right attitude, one will get the confidence and trust from the bosses. then one will get easier life after that. it is not easy to realise that, but just to keep on remind oneself to carry with the attitude.

ability to learn, and identifying the mistake. i think all bosses know the limit from the houseman, especially the juniors one. because they have had gone thru the same period as i am now. so just dont be affraid to make mistake, and to show the ability to learn from it.

during my first few days of life as a houseman, one of the most 'garang' specialist said something to a friend of mine (who just joined almost at the same time as me) and i when doing the labour room round, she mentioned "how to rely on you all for the upcoming months as you all are hopeless..."
oish.... it hurts man.
things changed after that... and now she is comfortable with two of us. it is something which unable to describe by words, a feeling that satisfaction and delighted as the adaptation of myself to my work. that was the time when i started feeling easier at work. people are giving more trust and confidence of what have done. and of course i am getting less scolding till now...

ok! i think i survived in O&G.
*crossed my fingers, if no big accident during my last four days of working...

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