Tuesday, July 01, 2008

new electricity tariff

start from today, we will 'enjoy' more expensive electric bill...

after the petrol price hike, now with this electricity hike pulak. from the new calculation, it is way too conservative to estimate 40% plus of households will get affected. (as mentioned by the so 'conservative' government) as now many households have many many high-electrical-consumption products, ehhhh, i will say more than 80% of us will feel this heavy-weight punch.
wanna bet?

so, the new price.
Households whose monthly usage does not exceed 200 kilowatt hour (kWh) will still be eligible for the existing tariff of 21.8 sen/kWh. Once you exceed this, you will get the electrical shock on the wallet, like this:

Usage between 201 kWh and 400 kWh, pay 34.5 sen per kWh unit.
Subsequently, pay 30 sen for 401-500 kWh
Subsequently, pay 39 sen for 501-600 kWh
Subsequently, pay 40 sen for 601-700 kWh
Subsequently, pay 41 sen for 701-800 kWh
Subsequently, pay 43 sen for 801-900 kWh, and
Finally, pay a maximum rate of 46 sen for each kWh for usage exceeding 901 kWh

alamak, off the damn computer... (fast, fast)
start to save electricity!

off the TV, lights and fans (or air-cond).
then, stay in the jungle lor...

what to do?

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