Saturday, July 12, 2008

June 2010



he announced for passing over the baton to someone else, after more than 100 days of fights and conflicts internally and from the external sources. within these period of time, many issues and yet-you-dont-know stories have becoming public topics.

it causes stress to our previously healthy political environment,
affecting the economy growth, and the share market,
severely impact to our inflation, and it is worsening it seems,
uncertainties to rakyat's future,
safety concerns of rakyat,
etc etc...

so, he said it's all enough and putting June 2010 as a dateline.

counting fingers, 2 more years to go, with 48 months left.
how come it takes so looooong to have power transition?
who will get benefited in the end?

no one knows.
but hor,
we should watch out at 16th September soon, this is the dateline for a change,
if possible...

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