Tuesday, July 29, 2008


i went to penang with my wife yesterday.

after walk walk, shop shop, and makan makan... we went to visit my sister working in Haagen-Dazs. of course we didnt miss to have ice cream, as our supper.

so, here we got a 'super-sized-up', delicious _ _ _ *dont know what is the name*.

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special one leh, it has alot of strawberries inside the waffer basket... i like!
6 flavours of ice creams, hualalah...

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after makan makan, here i got pic of my sister with Mrs Boleh-man...

by the way, i got my wife a new camera. hey, it is just a point-and-shoot type. cheap cheap one lar, just a fujifilm f47 fd.
aiseh... so called able to do face detection. but hor, somehow not all the faces can be detected after testing. tipu one leh!
so, better detect the face my own. manual mode is much flexible.

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