Friday, August 01, 2008

the art of 'GADUH"

why do couples have argument?

some said...
conflict of interest - ehhh, this so-called 'interest' covers everything down the earth leh!
no 'mojo' to each other - for this, friction happens when there is out of lubricants... hehe
no mutual understanding - always, the female counterpart will blame the partner not to, or trying to understand the girl stuffs. but not the other way!

all sort of reasons.... and 'gaduh' is inevitable.
but then the outcome, most of the time the guys will tone down. the girls will give in. bang! happy ever again for this couple.

this cycle will repeat when it got strike again!

so, the moral of this story.....
it is GOOOOOD for guys to move the first step, REGARDLESS who is right or wrong, to ensure a BETTER, OR DESIRED outcomes!


yesterday, my wife was asking me :" how come we seldom have argument for long time already?"
me, answer :" because i love you even more already maaar!"
(10/10 distinction answer)


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