Sunday, August 03, 2008


some one asked me...

why do i choose to work at Hospital Slim River?

- it is nearer to KL, the only south most hospital in Perak. Family first mah...
- the work load is extremely lesser than the others. as i am practically work half day only, mostly will 'lepak' in the afternoon... what a jobless!
- i do not have to do 'houseman' work, as in taking blood, some other paper works, etc... my very hard-working-nurses will settle everything. what i need is just sign the forms, and sit still.
- steady cowboy-like town, with very friendly community.
- with more extra time, i can study!!!

so, when am i going to leave this hospital then?
ehhhh, soon and very soon...


because i cant 'tahan' with this slow-motion hospital and the cowboy-like rural life.
help... im suffocating!


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