Thursday, July 24, 2008

liu lian... part II

one is not enough.
i have my second chapter of durian hualalah... FIESTAAAAA!

my another patient 'ajak' me, this time.
i was seeing this patient in my clinic today. at the end of my consultation, sudden the patient asked: "do you like durian?"

it was like 'TINGGGG', ring my bell.
of course, i said "ya, ya, ya..." (with head nodding...)

so i brought my physician, Dr Ong to the patient's place, and......... yummmmmie!!!

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this time i have more than enough time to take picture on the 'buah', rather than the 'isi' only.
i get to 'tapau' 7 biji durians back. so i 'kongsi' with my housemate and friends loh. these two are the left over ones.
tak boleh tahan liao!


why should i pay for durian?
because i can get it for FREE here...

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