Saturday, July 19, 2008

liu lian...

as a true malaysian, how can i miss this 'king of fruits'!

the aromatic smell,
the spiky thorns and like-tank hard shell,
golden-coloured and firm texture...

saliva drooling...

heck! for the high cholesterol. forget about the fatty tissue!
let's enjoy the fiesta!!!

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one of my patients 'ajak' me to his orchard today. hah! how can i miss this 'platinum' opportunity. of course i 'ikut'.
durian sesson, the main agenda is eat, eat, and eat the 'durian kampung'. so called famous over the Behrang Ulu, down to KL, up to Ipoh; some said even cross over to Singapura woh...

hai, where got time to take pictures of the durians and the orchard. i was too busy eating, thats it!

i ate and finished off three medium-sized durians.

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but hor, i also 'tapau' some...
wanna to get some???


after all, how much for all these?

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Anonymous said...

Please eat your favourite food when you are not with me, else you have to sleep on the FLOOR !!
Gentle reminder : Please bring your HP when you are enjoying your food there !!!