Thursday, July 10, 2008

about rapist...

according to a recent local study, majority of rapist are between 21 - 30 years old, which consist of 28.8%. then 26.7% of them are between 41 - 50 years old. majority of them (40.0%) were only educated up to primary level. and most of them (37.8%) are businessman.

surprisingly, 12.2% of them are lorry drivers. only 4.4% were educated above tertiary level.

absolutely most of them (81.1%) are malays.

before girls are meeting guys, please find out:

age between 31 - 40 years old,
more educated, preferably say no to primary school leavers,
not a businessman, and also lorry driver.

otherwise, you will be at RISK of meeting a rapist!!!
beware, those are all around YOU.


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Anonymous said...

Luckily my hubby do not fall into that category .phew..:P