Thursday, July 21, 2011

Happy Birthday...

Not celebrating with anyone!

Police: Show me your IC and driving license...
A: Alamak! License expired liao!
Police: Hey, do you forget your birthday???
A: Mmmmm......

Next time, you should have no excuse to forget to update your driving license once standardize the expiry date with your birth date! Now, if you are so 'forgetful' (as if) and you better find new excuses to tell policeman.

Let me suggest...

"I never celebrate birthday, I never know!"
"I am from orphanage, never care about birthday."
"Birthday, what is that?"

What next?

I suggest to standardize our birth date with all government-related-documents. Vehicle road tax, personal income tax, company registration, house assessment tax, land tax, passport, etc... All to this 'special' and personalized date, unique for everyone, thus should have no excuse or reason to forget or making forgetful.

What say you?

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