Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My CENTURY ride...

After 7 months on bicycling, spent hundreds of hours on tarmac, more than 6000km of distance. Finally I 'officially' took part in a cycling event, Century Ride Malaysia 2011. Off record, my actual first 'unofficial' event was Letua 100 ride. Not registered, by 'accident' I joined the ride without preparation after 2 weeks getting my bike.
Still, I was given the finisher medal!

This time, I went in with full preparation!

It was 'only' 160km, from Ipoh town, to small small 'kampungs', then back to Ipoh. Mostly flat road, but 2 challenging hills to climb after 90km. As a newbie, yet-first-year-rider, my main objective was to stay in front group (as possible) to finish within 5 hours. I have set my sight at finishing line when started to ride. My aim was clear, I need to reach before 5 hours mark, no matter what!

First half of distance, was relatively easy and maintained at high speed. At last 40km, alamak! I could see some stars, difficult to keep concentration, whole body ache... My motivation was high to keep on riding, still, tagged with few riders in a small peloton and we rode past one rider to another.

Counting down each km I passed, was just like magic booster and encouraged me to keep on riding. Crossing finishing line, finally I finished the ride!

I clocked at 4h46m, with average speed at 34km/h. Ranking 140th in my group, 215th in General Classification. My objective accomplished, and I achieved something, at least, during my 'virgin' outing.

Not forgetting, unusually lucky I got 2 lucky draws. A hamper of Nestle products and a-year-free subscription from Cycling Malaysia.

At least, I came home not empty-handed...

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