Friday, June 17, 2011

How much is your 5 minutes?

Most of us, I believe, understood and believed that we can't buy time.

Tik, tok... Tik, tok...

We can't reverse time, nor stopping it. Many of us wish to have extra time, some said...
"Five more minutes, let me sleep some more..."
"Please extend the due date, I have not finishing the task..."
"I'm on the way, 5 minutes more to reach..."

I can buy time!

How can it be???
I usually spend 3 hours on road daily. Like most of you, I contribute quite a big share into petrol and road tolls daily. Thank me for saving our country's economy, despite petrol and toll rate hike I'm still paying and keeping on contributing. Some, will skip tolls to save few bucks, but detour is usually longer ride.

I use Batu 3 Federal Highway toll everyday, instead of taking detour at Glenmarie I prefer to pay RM1.10 toll rate. It saves me 5 minutes, at least, from the traffic jam and longer ride at detour. Indirectly, I am actually paying RM1.10 for 5 minutes. Isn't so?

I need extra time, I love to spend more time with my wife, my son and at home doing nothing...

5 minutes, cost me RM1.10 only!


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