Saturday, October 11, 2008

Doctor, BP is dropping...

whenever oncall or in the ICU (intensive care unit), many times that will encounter situation like this. out of no where, one of the nurses will shout for help.

"doctor, this patient's blood pressure is dropping!"

not enough, she will continue with:
"now is 70/30mmHg!"

somemore, "patient is asystole now!"

you are so busy attending other patients, trying to sort out other patients' problems. one patient here needs your help, there another patient collapses. no way, absolutely impossible for you split into two. like the monkey God, multiply itself. before the patient collapses, i will be the one fall down first. hah!

poor me, have to prioritise the patients. need to attend the most urgent ones first, then other. what to do? i will be running here and there, like a man got mad... ordering staffs to carry out plans, evaluating patient's response, and pray hard for something. going on and on...

life is so stressful...

this is how when the event comes! how fun to overcome with the stress, seeing patients recover from what you have done to them. sad, to see them expire after you have done the best.

one thing, I ain't God.
but, i can help all.

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