Thursday, October 02, 2008

"Wait, I need to ask my wife."

many times, at many occasions, whenever come across a question i like to say: "wait, I need to ask my wife first". it becomes automated, a habit to react.

when i was still single, i have a few friends who are already married. i feel its weird and irritating whenever they answered this. like, getting out for a gathering, for a trip or even buying things, common excuse is to ask wife first. i couldn't understand, how can't a married guy to make his own decision. why so difficult? young, and single mah... i was.

but now.
i have no problem to say this. anything comes to me, which need a decision, i need to ask my wife. simple... to get myself a shirt or anything, ask my wife. to have makan-makan or gathering with friends, ask my wife. ehh, not that my wife is a dictator. it is just, hmmm... easier to have a mutual decision.

it needs time to understand this. married life versus being single, nobody can imagine it.

so, why do i need to ask my wife too? first of all, it is just the best excuse to say no, sometimes. once you mention this, no one will argue with you. using my wife as an excuse is just brilliant, isn't it? of course, as a married couple we should respect to each other. for guys, by asking wives first will definitely cause less friction, or problem later. the girl happy, then everyone also happy lor...

the moral of the story,
"Wait, I really need to ask my wife first!"



Anonymous said...

A good article for all married couple. I like your answer but do not just answer for fun, please do it with ACTION ! Action speak louder than word. Agree? :)

By the way, why I seldom heard you ask me anything? emm... wondering.

pilocarpine said...

i wanted to comment but I do not what to say..

wait i ask my wife 1st..